New Wyze Cam Floodlight - Wyze pre-order (and at Home Depot Now)

Looks like I will be checking my local Home Depots for this one, need to do some more reviewing but I have a spot for 1 or 2 of these.

And I won’t need an electrician, I’m an IBEW union electrician, and Electronics Engineer…

Hopefully I can modify (voids warranty) for my Battery Backed up 12 volt system!

Hacking time to see what the 120 V.A.C. connects to hopefully a 12 or 5 volt supply then it will be on my backed up power system.


Although I already created something close to that years ago for one of my locations :rofl:

You can see after the car passes the vegetation and front of house are lit by the motion floodlight and not the cars headlights…

This setup is 12 volt and 5 volt DC supplied as I hope to hack the new Wyze Cam Floodlight that just came out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t use the Wyze spotlight for the V3, I use a motion activated LED floodlight so this makes the V3 work like a Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) but far better than a WCO. Flood lamp runs on the 12 volt side of the system where the V3 is on the 12v to 5v Micro-USB adapter side, all can be wired together with the weather proof wire connectors on same feed wire.

This video below was before I switched V3 to color night vision, already had IR LED illumination off because of too many bug triggers


Will be interested to see how this works out for you. Always enjoy seeing how you set your Wyze up.


My one question to Wyze is if the LED lights fail are they replaceable?

The current one in my setup was bought in 2016 and still is working and only costs $17

So in the event the All-in-One Wyze Cam Floodlight LED light fails can it be replaced?
(Likely Not)

If I added another floodlight to my existing system the cost would be the same as the Wyze version, however I could replace the V3 or Floodlights if they fail independently.

Just an afterthought, although theirs are packaged nicely.

May drop by Home Depot tomorrow and grab a couple of them :grin:

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Bought one today at Home Depot. They were not by the other wyze products, they were in a special display box in one of the main aisles. When i go in to the app to add a new device, i don’t see the floodlight; my app is up to date. Am i missing something?


Thanks for the heads up, maybe try to configure as a V3?

If that works please let me know, otherwise I will hold off on purchasing a pair of them until app catches up

Thank you!

Same here, although i think you just setup the camera. Is you camera being powered? I don’t get any light on mine except the flood light when i flip the breaker.

@WyzeTao & @WyzeChao & @WyzeGwendolyn

Is the Wyze Cam Flood light setup using the + Add V3?
Or is there an upcoming +Add function to App for adding the Wyze Cam Floodlight?

Waiting for further information before buying 2 and installing / reviewing the product…

I don’t have mine yet, ordered through Wyze. However, I would expect the setup would be different as there are new features and zoning as indicted in the video provided. Here is a snippet:

It will be interesting to see what Wyze says about the install.


Here is a Total Darkness test of my version of the Wyze Cam Floodlight, Solar powered I made several years ago with a V2 that was upgraded to a V3 when they came out. The motion floodlight does a good job at illumination of area.

If you couldn’t hear the audio I was saying it is time for a Old Rasputin Stout Beer 9% of Goodness :beer:

Hopefully the Wyze Cam V3 Floodlight performs as well or better considering it has 2 Floodlights :grin:


I’d like the option of purchasing the floodlight WITHOUT the v3 camera.

I have four v3’s still unopened sitting on a shelf.

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Doubt that will happen, Wyze buys their products from Chinese manufacturers whom designed them.

It is an all in one unit and I seriously doubt it would be every offered without the camera.

It’s not really all in one. The v3 is simple “off-the-shelf” and attaches in a spot atop the motion sensor using the same screw-in-keyhole arrangement as you would attach the v3 to anything else. The same 6-in whip connector is inserted into the motion sensor housing to connect for power/control.

It would be very easy to sell one without the camera, but the value for Wyze might mean it never happens. I bought it the day after launch simply because I was in the market for a new flood-/spotlight and another v3, and the timing was perfect. Install is easy, but I’m trying to pin down a few configuration gremlins.

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I added one yesterday using the add v3 option and it identified it as a floodlight version. In the app it automatically displays as a v3 with a floodlight accessory. They had them in stock at Home Depot and picked one up.
Works great and I’ll pick up another! Looks like they did well with this product.

Test and Review time Wyze, 90 day return policy at Home Depot…

I will give Wyze an unbiased review of this new offering both here and at other media I do reviews for.


The Bear does not approve unless you provide sunglasses :rofl:

Well in setting up for test I believe it will be brighter than my “home-brew” engineered one, does Wyze sell replacement Retinas?

I’m still seeing little white squares of each LED chip in the group of LED chips in floodlight… :laughing:

So far I am seeming impressed by the Wyze Cam Floodlight, although more reviewing is necessary for final review…

Time for some :beer::beer::beer: for retinal therapy :exclamation:

Retinal Repair Liquid, consume as needed :beer:


Talking to the Home Depot Manager, he said if they didn’t want them on the shelf yet they shouldn’t of sent them to us yet. He said there was no advisement as to when to place on shelves by anyone.


Darn it I may have to return it as the location I was going to install it in will not fit it due to the overhang and wood trim around J-box (electrical box) with current light.

I would still recommend this unit however as it does work well, too bad it won’t fit in the intended location due to size constraints. :cry:

If you had good Belgian Beer you could just change the trim around the J-box or get the :chipmunk: :bear: or :deer: to do the modification. I can rent you some raccoons :raccoon:, they are good with their paws. I may get one to replace my dual backyard LED motion light, it is getting kind of old. The coons said they would do it on their day off for free.

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I am more a Stout or Porter Beer Guy, Tonight is “Old Rasputin” Russian Imperial Stout night 9% ABV

The original location would accommodate the Wyze Cam V3 Floodlight but that model would not be easily converted to run on my A.C. powered 12 Volt Battery backed-up system and I really wanted it on the backup system so I would have lighting when venturing to out-building to start generator.

All my V3’s are on 12 volt systems so when power is out I still have cameras , VOIP phone, WiFi, and Alarm System without the Grid. Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications Actually need to update title from “14 to 24” as now all 24 cams on on several battery backed-up systems as I No longer use the “Flaming :fire: Wyze USB Adapters”

The money I get back from Home Depot I will use to add another 100Ah battery to my main system.
Then use a couple of 12 volt motion floodlights like the above one in post at aimed at out-building with generator and add another V3. I still have several V3’s I haven’t placed yet so that’s a location soon to have one.

The roof overhang on bay window at J-Box is the issue on my secondary location I was going to do if the Wyze Cam V3 Floodlight would not easily accommodate 12-14 volts D.C. power input.

Returning Wyze Cam V3 Floodlight to Home Depot tomorrow or Wednesday as my favorite Italian restaurant is not open Monday & Tuesday…

If you can’t find one in your area you can come up here and get it at my cost, all original and no parts opened except pulling out floodlight assembly then putting back in box (Just like new)

Wyze Cam Floodlight has my 'seal of approval" just installed one at my neighbor’s and it works well.

Unfortunately for my needs wanting to have it on my 12 volt battery backed up system when A.C. fails it was not easily done as the power supply would need major modifications.

My setup with a PIR motion and separate V3 do basically them same thing, run on the 12 volt battery backed up system and if a part fails I don’t have to replace entire unit, rather just a floodlight, or V3 camera.

And since I still have several unassigned V3 cameras, I will just order some 12volt PIR Floodlights and build my own version of the “Wyze Cam Floodlight” for close to half the cost.

The Wyze Cam V3 Floodlight is a great product, just doesn’t fit my situation.

I do not trust any Wyze power supplies 120 vac to USB or other due to their ongoing issues since 2019 of their USB adapters catching fire :fire:

The Wyze Cam Floodlight is 120 VAC based so that is my main reason I did not go with it in my setups.

Picture below is the 120 VAC power supply and floodlamp - PIR - V3 control board. I am avoiding anything Wyze puts 120 Volts A.C. to.