Brighter Spotlight accessory

Create a much brighter spotlight accessory, or allow multiple spotlights on a single cam, or do something like a light ring instead of a small “strip”.

Umm hello? :slight_smile:

Spotlight is a simple, small add-on that taps into USB for power so it’s not power-location dependent other than where the v3 cam is placed. The Floodlight isn’t practical unless you’re replacing an existing outdoor fixture or are comfortable with extending or adding to existing house current.

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Okay so then what’s the brightest you can get off 5 volts and maybe 1.5 Amps at most (after the V3 takes its share)?

Realistically probably more like 1/2 an amp…

This one is 240 lumens and lists 2.4 watt equivalence, which doesn’t make sense.

Again, it’s a use-case thing. Spotlight isn’t intended to light up everything outside so you can physically see what’s out there. Its intended use is a supplement to enhance the v3 cam’s NV functionality for viewing areas with little to no ambient light and it does that well. I’d rather flood the area with light and see directly with my own eyes, but to each their own.

Yes, and the poster here is asking for a brighter version of the existing spotlight accessory, which as you point out is limited to auxillary USB power left over from the V3. So I’m questioning just how much light that USB supply can deliver, or if perhaps the existing unit is the best that can be accomplished.

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