Multiple accessory support for wyze cam v3

So my idea was to use a wyze bulb socket to power a v3 camera which has a spotlight. I tried this and it seems the v3 cam supports only one accesory. If both accessories could be used at the same time it would create a convenient combo for a lot of people who do not want to run a cable just to power the camera with spotlight.

I can’t begin to guess how you are wiring your bulb socket to get power from your V3. Its designed to be the other way. The bulb socket feeds power to the V3, then you intercept that power and split it going to its only powered accessory the light. 120V > bulb socket > 5v > camera – split to light.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I think they are trying to do: Have the socket power the v3 but with the addition of a spotlight accessory powered by the socket at the same time using the splitter that’s supplied with it.

I hope the OP will correct me if I’m wrong.

I can see why a spotlight in addition to the bulb plugged into the socket would be beneficial if the socket and the cam are needed to reside on two different plains.

I feel your dilemma. I hope there’s a solution.

One less elegant possibility I can envision is to mount a separate motion activated battery powered floodlight on the side where the cam is in order to augment an otherwise un-illuminated area.

Best of luck.

That’s exactly what i was trying to do. I have resorted to the exact solution you suggeted lol. I mounted a motion activated solar powered flood light close to the camera. Guess I’ll have dump that spotlight. I hope they do something about it in the future.

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I am using it the regular way. Power from the bulb socket to the camera but i wanted to add the spotlight also to the camera. Unfortunately I can only use one accessory so i am forced to stick to the socket only to power the cam and find a different motion light.

If you aren’t going to sell the spotlight on ebay, you might find an interested party on this forum, that is if you want to mess with packaging and mailing it.

Or you could hang onto it in hopes of finding someone who can suggest a workaround.

I feel your pain. I’m trying to do the same with v3 spotlight connected to a socket. Isn’t this something they can fix in a firmware update?

I want to use the garage door opener accessory and also the floodlight, but apparently, only one accessory can be connected.

Yep. Add another camera next to it with its spotlight.