2 Accessories for Cam V3 (Lamp Socket and Spotlight)

I was told it was software that only allowed for 1 accessory per Cam V3. There are uses for 2 accessories. Using the spotlight for motion and using the lamp socket function on a timer would be much desired. A software update would be very beneficial. The app already seperate them in the app, but won’t allow them to be attached in the app at the same time. Can you do a software update to allow 2 accessories to be attached and controlled through the app for the cam v3?

I also think this would be a good addition, especially if there’s no technical reason why it’s not possible.

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Still no update on this? I just bought a bunch of spotlights thinking this could be done.

Hello I would like to add my use case and why I would like for this to be possible. I have installed a wyze socket adapter on my outside light by my garage and used it to power a V3 cam I mounted above my garage pointed at my vehicles in the drive way. I would like to be able to use the spotlight to turn on with motion ( Someone breaking in my vehicles or me going to them in the night) while also being able to have the bulb turn on and off with sunset/ sunrise.

Thank you for all your great products and support!

Considering that I just bought 5 Wyze Cam V3s, 5 lamp sockets, and 5 spot lights, I think this is a great idea!

I would like to upvote this one, did not know my v3 could only be used with 1 accessory at a time and now have no use for the spotlight kit

Lamp socket support for more than one accessory

Lamp socket capability to power both a V3 Cam and the V3 spotlight accessory