Wyze Lamp Socket support for Wyze Cam v3 Pro

Wizards tell me it doesn’t exist. I think it should. Would love to upgrade my front porch cam to the v3 Pro but only have Lamp Socket access.

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As for the current accessories for the v3 , they are not compatible with the v3 pro . Maybe Wyze will release these same accessories for the new v3 pro , but one can only dream…


Lamp Socket functionality with new Wyze Cam v3 Pro

The Lamp Socket currently supports only Wyze Cam v3 as the Website states. I called customer support to ask if the v3 Pro will be supported and was told, “No, it will not.” I’d like to see if this functionality will be added later? I feel like the customer bases utilizes this lamp socket product extensively and to limit its functionality to only the v3 and not the v3 Pro is a deal breaker. I do understand the v3 Pro has a built-in light but most use lamp socket not only for lighting but for power source as well. Thoughts?

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I was wondering the same. Thanks for posting your question. Here is why it likely wouldn’t work per their Tech Specs.

Power Adapter Output…
Wyze Cam v3: 5V/1A
Wyze Cam v3 Pro: 5V/2A

Wyze Lamp Socket Output: 5V/1A

The Wyze Cam 3 Pro simply uses more power to operate. My two cents on this though…

There are a lot of things Wyze does that cause future incompatibility with new products. This is another example. However adding higher specs, no matter the size, ends up costing the company and ultimately customers more. Wyze is known for offering great products for the money, and this is a byproduct of this model. It’s not wrong, or terrible of them as some demand, but it’s how that works. I don’t know how Wyze accomplishes staying in business with 10% margins (assuming that this is still true), because that’s WAY below practically any other business. At any rate, well done. Growth rate is the key for staying alive at those numbers. That said it could be other reasons too, but just insight to mow over.

I am really hoping they come out with a new Wyze Lamp Socket v2 to support the new camera.


I am also awaiting a lamp socket power supply for the V3PRO.
I don’t want to run extension cords.


New lamp socket that supports the V3 Pro

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Having a new lamp socket that is compatible with the V3 Pro is a must! I was just about to order a couple of the V3 Pros when I discovered that they would not work for my purposes because I cannot power them by connecting them to the Wyze lamp sockets that I already have (currently connected to my V3 cameras). I know some people will order them, assuming they will work with their lamp sockets. They will be very disappointed. This is not a great way to roll out this product. They probably should have had some extensive pre-release info indicating that the old Wyze lamp socket will not work. We can only hope that they are already working on a new one that will be compatible.


You should still be able to power the v3pro with the lamp socket, it just won’t be able to control the lamp socket. If you have other sockets you can just leave a v3 on one of them and they will connect together and the v3 can control the sockets.


If yer gonna make a V3 Pro, Shirley there can be a new “Pro” version 2A lamp socket…

More Power!! :zap:


The lamp socket will still power the v3 pro.
The v3 pro just doesn’t support the functions for the lamp socket.


I didn’t see that listed anywhere when I ordered and I’m fairly disappointed. Just got mine installed. Camera works fine through the power cord from the socket.

Disappointed to say the least. Please include the ability to control the socket in V3 Pro.


In the same boat. Bought two V3 Pros with the intention of putting one outside connected to the Wyze socket, assuming the socket would support the camera. The camera technically gets powered without issues but I have zero control over the socket now. So, now I’ve got a lightbulb that’s on 24/7 with no way to control it. This is very disappointing and also quite frustrating. The socket should have been released with the capability to power products that were still in development at the time. Now the only solution is to buy another socket, assuming one ever gets released with enough power to work with the pro? No, that’s just not right and it’s an injustice to us customers.


Wow, same story. Wanted to replace front porch camera, but no, the Cam V3 Pro is NOT so pro. Not even as smart as the normal V3. Bad habit of releasing too early


I am in the same boat. Purchased the v3 Pro thru pre-order and now have them but cannot connect them as I need the lamp socket. Ugh!!


Are you just going to power them from the socket? Asking because the Socket will not work with the V3 Pro as it does with the V3.

You can also get something like these to provide power:



Agree 100%


Kind of the point. Wyze made a V3 Pro, that doesn’t even have the features of the normal V3. Therefore, NOT so Pro after all. And doesn’t work with Web View? What is up with that? Fire the Dev team for some competence.



You also can’t control the light with those like the normal non Pro V3, you know, the better one.

Depends what you consider to be PRO. They may add the features as they did on the V3’s later.