Wyze Lamp Socket Question

I want to get a couple of lamp sockets for the front yard/driveway. I’m going to purchase and connect v3 cams to the lamp socket for power. I’m not interested in the cam v3 pro. I read in other post about the cable that comes with the lamp does not work with the v3 pro. My front yard/driveway lights are on a timer. With the v3 Cam connected to the lamp socket and the lights are not on (daytime) will the v3 still work (have power)?

No. If you use your timer it will cut the power to the Wyze Lamp Socket and the Cam plugged into it. In order for the cam to be on, it must have power from the Lamp Socket and the socket it is screwed into. On 24\7.

Remove your timer, install the Lamp Sockets, and use Rules within the app to schedule the lights on and off on a schedule. That way the cams have power 100% of the time.

You only need one V3 cam, which is the only cam capable of controlling the Lamp Socket, to control multiple Lamp Sockets. They can be linked wirelessly to all operate together. I think you can link up to 5.

You are correct. The cord that comes with the Lamp Socket will not fit the V3Pro.

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Thank you. That’s what I figured. I guess I could buy 5 lamp sockets and use 2 for power to the v3 cam. The other 3 for lighting only. And link the 5 to use for outdoor lighting at night? Will led’s work on the Wyze lamp socket or do I need the Wyze light bulbs, which I have 6 not being used.

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Yes. When linked, all lights will operate together as one group, controlled as an accessory of the one V3 Cam you use for their install. You can create custom schedules, dusk to dawn, rules to come on w\ motion detection, Person Detection, Wyze Sensors etc. The Action for the Lamp Sockets are within the Cam Actions to which they are installed as an accessory.

Since you are planning on 2 V3 cams, you have the flexibility of having two linked groups.

I have high watt LED bulbs in mine. Putting a Smart Bulb in defeats the purpose as the power will be cut to the bulb when the socket is off, making the bulb offline.

So a 30watt led bulb will work fine? Thank you.

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Yes. The technical specs for the Lamp Socket is a max 30W bulb, but that is true wattage draw for incandescent bulbs, the most power hungry. You would have to go above a 150W Equivalent in an LED to even get close to a 30W draw. 100W Equivalent LED bulbs only draw between 18W and 20W. That is what I have in mine.

Bumping my own post.
I’m getting ready to make my lamp socket purchase but have another concern. The (power) cord that comes with the lamp socket is too short for 2 v3 cams I want to install. Can I use a longer cord to hook the cam to the lamp socket? What is the longest length I can use?
Also, instead of removing the timer to my exist outdoor lights can I just remove the timer so that it will stay powered on 24/7? Thank you.

The cord that comes with the lamp socket is special in two ways. It is not a power cord like all the other cam power cords. It is a Power AND Data cord. The V3 attached uses that cord to send the commands to the root Lamp Socket. Also, the end that connects to the Lamp Socket has a custom boot to fit into the angled USB port that makes it weatherproof.

I’m really not sure how the lamp socket would react to using an aftermarket USB Active Data extension cord for the master V3, if it would support two V3 cams since it is only a 1 Amp port, or if splitting that Data cord to two V3 cams would creat a data issue between the master V3 and the root Lamp Socket.

Regardless of how you modify your existing timer, removing it or reprogramming it for 24\7 operation, the Lamp Sockets will need to be powered 24\7.

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I’ve got my 5 lamp sockets installed. 1 with a cam v3. I want to add 2 more Cam v3’s to the lamb socket. They are already setup in my app. Do I just add them to the lamp sockets and nothing else needs to be done?

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:man_shrugging: Let me know how that goes!

I don’t have any extra V3 hung off of my linked lamp sockets only using power.

It goes well. Connected 2 more v3 to the lamp sockets. No hassle.

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Awesome! Glad it worked!

Sorry, got 1 more question.I had 4 of the 5 lamp sockets on my outdoor porch. After hooking up three v3 cams I connected my 5th lamp socket with bulb and it came on but does not turn off when the other bulbs turn off. Looks to be on 24/7 from the other 4 bulbs. I must of done something wrong when I installed the 5th lamp socket?

When you install a new lamp socket to be controlled by the same root V3, in addition to installing it, it needs to be paired with the first lamp socket to work. That means after you install it, power off all the lamp sockets, power on the root Lamp Socket w\ the V3, and then power on the remaining 4 within 30s to get them to pair with the root Lamp Socket.

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