Lamp Socket support for Wyze Cam OG

Would love to be able to power the new Wyze Cam OG with the Wyze Lamp Socket!

MODERATOR NOTE: It is possible to use the Lamp Socket to power the OG. However, you cannot use the OG to control the socket. This #wishlist topic will be about the latter.

Wyze Lamp Socket Compatible with Wyze cam OG

It would be great to have a lamp socket that is compatible with the Wyze Cam OG.

Or produce one that provides enough power for all current and a certain amount of future cameras.


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I specifically purchased the Wyze Cam OG to upgrade a camera that I currently use with a Wyze socket. I was extremely disappointed to realize that the Wyze Cam OG does not support any Wyze accessories and hope that accessory support is added to the Wyze Cam OG in the future.

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I’m in total agreement with this wish list I want to purchase a few lamp sockets for my Cam OG they are new devices never than the V3 so this should be a part of the devices that should be able to work with the lamp socket as the OG also has all if not more of the features that would be compatible with the socket.

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Wyze lamp socket to work with new Wyze OG cam


I would like first to express how great these Wyze products are, I have been doing some searching and I came across the Wyze Lamp Socket which I think is a great product to be able to install/deploy a Wyze Cam close to a lamp socket however I see that it only works with Wyze Cam V3, I think you should make this product work with all newer versions of the Wyze cam that’s coming out, I wanted to use this device (Lamp Socket) to install/deploy the new Wyze Cam OG devices I purchase.


Please make the light socket features work with an OG Cam instead of just the V3.


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Lamp Socket update

I have been using the Wyze cameras for a year now and I’m very pleased with the quality of the devices. I have the V3 and the Pan V3.

I recently purchased the OG Cam because I wanted faster reaction time from the camera.

My V3 was plugged into the Lamp Socket, so I thought it would be compatible with the OG since the power specs are the same. After 3 days my OG camera stopped working.

So Wyze, I presume you guys can update the Lamp Socket so it can be compatible with all your cameras? I’ve seen people here having issues with other cameras, I’m sure you guys would also like an update.

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Wyze Lamp Socket V2 should be a stand-alone device, not an accessory. It should have a 2-amp USB port, and it should be able to pair with 5 more, for a total of 6 lamp sockets. This is a no-brainer. Do It!