Garage door controller does not work with V3 when spotlight installed

Is it not possible to use V3 with garage door controller and spotlight together? Wanted to add spotlight to light when camera detects motion in garage but when I did, the door contoller would no longer function. Is there a workaround or will only one accessory work at a time?

Welcome back to the forum @Mpez

Interesting question and results.
I have not tried this but willing to test when I get an opportunity this evening.
I was able to add a spotlight to a V3 that was connected to a floodlight and both operated as intended.

I wonder if it is a power drawl issue?

I will test later and let you know my results.

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That. :slight_smile:


:thinking: I just remembered my Floodlight test was with a Second Camera that had the Spotlight attached to it, and not on the V3 associated directly to the Floodlight.

I’ll still give it a go and see what happens.


Yea I have read somewhere that only 1 accessory works at a time.

You could check the #wishlist to suggest this

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Vote here, although this may be a hardware limitation (only 1 controller per control wire?):

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Couldn’t find my extra spotlights yet, but as @Newshound and @IEatBeans have noted, what I have found in my searching only 1 accessory per camera.

Saw a few threads where users were trying to add the spotlight with a Lamp Socket. This did not work either.