Wyze Cam V3 Pro question

Hello, I just purchased a Wyze Cam V3 Pro to add to my camera other cameras (all V3’s). I should receive it in a few days.

Has anyone been using the Wyze Cam V3 Pro and have comments on their experience with it (good or bad) ?

No problems experienced with any of my Cam V3 Pros. The live stream UI is slightly different from the v3 UI with the addition of a scrollable events timeline and a few icon name changes. If you don’t like the timeline, you can just go to the Events tab to review events like you do for the v3. If you add a bunch of v3 Pros and simultaneously stream @ 2K, make sure you have the bandwidth to support to additional load.


Thanks for the feed back.

In particular I am wondering how the onboard spotlight performs. Also, I am not a Wyze cam plus subscriber and wonder if that’s an issue since I understand we don’t get free cloud storage (limited) with the Cam Pro Plus.

I enjoy the free cloud storage but typically use my SD card for storage.

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I’m not using the spotlight feature on any of my v3 Pro cams so hopefully some other v3 Pro users can chime in.

I also don’t use the spotlight, so other than telling you that it works, I can’t give any details.

Thanks for your replies guys. I hope someone else has some experience with the spotlight, but if not, I’ll find out when I get mine and get it installed. Thanks again.


I don’t use the spotlight either. I have a lot of ambient light and also I have a dual LED motion light on the other side of the garage door. I have found that using the spotlight in my situation makes the background area change to much darker as the cam adjust for light. The spotlight does the same thing as when my motion lights come on only it makes the background much darker.
Ambient Light.

Flood lights coming on.

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I have the v3 pro pointed at a darker view and the spotlight doesn’t do anything for me to have it enabled. Maybe with specific views it will help. Not where I have it pointed. Its just not anywhere near bright enough for it. The flood light lights up the entire area nice and bright in comparison and everything can then be seen.

I don’t view the v3 pro much but its always streaming for me. I use Amazon firestick + Wyze Alexa plugin however. Even though this firestick can’t deal with 2k from the cam.

That’s the only thing I don’t like about the v3 pro. They have 360p, sd (480p), then skip everything and bam 2k. No 1080p or even 720p lol.You can either have 2k or really bad haha. But, I can live with it.

Thanks for your input.
I’m hopeful my Wyze Cam Pro spotlight will do the job and brighten the area for me when movement is detected.
Currently leaving a light on overnight and would like to be able to have my spotlight come on only when there is movement nearby thus avoiding having to leave light on overnight. I am thinking that the 80 lumen spotlight on the cam may not be enough.