V3 spotlight

Hello, I am unable to get the spotlight to work. It was working fine for a few months. The app does not see the spotlight. The firmware is up to date on the V3. When I plug in the spotlight, it turns on the light. After 5 seconds the light goes out. The app will not see the spotlight at all. Anyway I can get this issue working?

Every time I unplug my V3 camera and spotlight and then plug them back in, the spotlight starts working. Then after a day or 2, the spotlight stops working. I have done this dance 6 or 7 times over several weeks. Same result. I finally gave up. Sorry I couldn’t help. Good luck.

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Continuing problem for many. Thought I had mine solved by connecting a USB power bank to the v3 for testing. The spotlight worked correctly for days when previously the spotlight rarely was recognized by the app. My diagnosis was the camera was not getting enough voltage, even though it was connected to an Anker 40 watt USB charger. I bought an active USB cable and it worked great for over a month, Now the spotlight is not recognized in the app. I power cycled the camera and now the spotlight stays on.
This issue really hasn’t been fixed even with 2 firmware updates supposedly released just for the spotlight detection issue.

Wyze Cam v3 Spotlight Firmware (November 22, 2021)

  • Improved the connectivity between the camera and spotlight

Wyze Cam v3 Firmware


  • Fixed a Spotlight recognition bug when the WiFi signal is weak

Thank you for the reply. This is exactly what mine is doing. I have another and it works flawless, I might hook it up to my other V3 to see if it works there. I don’t really want to mess with a working spotlight.

Might be a good bug for Fix it Fridays

Two out of my four spotlights have gone dead since purchase.

They will not turn on with the button, and for whatever reason they don’t show up under the accessory settings anymore.

HOWEVER, when rebooting, the light will turn on briefly.

yep, same issue

I guess I deserve this for buying additional spotlights for the cams i bought previously even though I was already dealing with problems from my initial purchases. I should’ve know better than to throw good money after bad BUT here I am to report a similar problem.

I hooked up a new spotlight to a cam v3 and of course the spotlight is doing crazy things: blinking intermittently, when it is recognizable in the app attempting to download the firmware update stalls and fails, then a few minutes later the spotlight isn’t found by the app.

Pretty sure this equipment is just designed as an experiment to see how much punishment people are willing to put up with.

I will have to agree with you. I have two outdoor cameras that have a solar charger. The cameras are ok, it is the the base unit I have to reset 2 or 3 times a week.

I just bought a spotlight 2 weeks ago. I followed all the suggestions on this page and the support page,
used 2 high power USB chargers, new cables, etc. It flashed 3 times and would never be recognized.
I just threw it away. Horrible product testing/quality control. I see this problem has been going on for a year and they are still junk.