Spotlight stays on

My spotlight stays on all the time. Even in the daytime. Any suggestions on why?

Check settings, update firmware, unplug and re-connect spotlight.


I would definitely do what @bryonhu recommended. Only thing I would add is to toggle the settings to ensure they are correctly set. There was some issue in the past where iPhone and sporadically Android, shows somethign as on or off and the function performed opposite of what was expected. Simply toggling the setting off and then on or vice versa corrected it.

Thanks for the replies. I had already tried these, except for the power cycle. I unplugged power and reapplied power. The spotlight is now off, but now it will not come on. UGH!! Any more suggestions?


Un-install (Delete) from app then reinstall

Thanks. I’ll try this tomorrow. It will be a pain to do as the camera is mounted 10 feet high and I’ll need a ladder.


I did what Bryon suggested. No help. I called and talked with WYZE support. It seems the spotlight is defective. They are sending me a replacement. Hopefully, that will resolve this issue.

Thanks all for your replies,

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UPDATE: I received the new/replacement spotlight yesterday. It still fails and will not come on. I again talked with WYZE support. After troubleshooting again they stated the replacement is defective and are ending me another replacement. I’ll need to return the new/replacement I received yesterday.


Looks like Quality Control is not doing their job, hopefully they test the one they are sending this time.

I received the replacement for the replacement. I think it is working properly, but not certain. I called and talked with support. He had me do a few things, and said it’s okay. I will be monitoring it. Stay tuned…

Still not certain. It does not come on when motion is sensed. When I attempt to turn it on via the APP, it is “sporadic”. Does anyone know how this is actually suppose to work?


Well, it was not working properly. It would not turn on/off with the icon on the camera screen. It also would not turn on when motion or sound was detected. So, I once again called support. I always suspected this was a camera V3 issue and not the spotlight. It makes sense to me that the camera controls the spotlight. By the way, I am a computer engineer and an electrical engineer by profession. I finally convinced them to replace the V3. So, they are now sending me a replacement camera. By the way, I purchased this as a V3/spotlight bundle in Aug 2021.
Stay tuned!!!


I have two wyze cam v3 with the mini spot light. They were working perfectly until an update. The the spotlight came one and did not go off unless I forced it off thru the app. I have firmware version I power cycled the cameras and they seem to be working properly again.