Wyze Cam v3 Spotlight always on

My spotlight came on and never off after the latest update
No matter what I did, recycled power, disconnected, and reconnected still stayed on.

I am sorry this is happening. The newest version of the firmware is I would try updating to this version and see if the issue is still there. To update to this version you will need to be on app version 2.48 or higher.

Everything is good! Your camera is up-to-date.
App = 2.48.9 (4)

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Let me check and see if this firmware is still under gradual rollout. I will let you know soon.


I’m having the same issue. I had my spotlight disconnected for a few months in my garage and now it’s always on. The app isn’t able to control it anymore (I see the manual control in the corner and pressing it several times doesn’t turn it off, and the settings doesn’t change if it is bright or dim . Tried restarting, delete / readd camera, new cable, new power brick, latest firmware for light and camera v3. I couldn’t view the firmware after deleting/adding it back but updating the wyze iOS app fixed that.

Thank you I try to update app update and report back.

Deleted and reinstalled the app did not work; the spotlight stayed on and can’t connect to Wi-Fi ~ Uh oh … Something is wrong. Please check your Wi-Fi connection message…

Same here.