Wyze Cam v3 Firmware and Wyze Cam v3 Spotlight Firmware Released - 11/22/21

Good afternoon, Forum Friends!

Wyze Cam v3 firmware and Wyze Cam v3 Spotlight firmware are releasing today! These have bug fixes and performance improvements. Read our Release Notes if you want to have more detail! :eyes:


Running this firmware on my 2 Cams v3 since 11-11-2021 without issues.


How about fixing the V2 cam issues first, specifically the pink flash thing that happens every time I turn on my V2’s through the app. All my V2 cameras and my Pan camera does this.

All my v3 cams and spotlights upgraded fine. Have one spotlight that is sometimes shown in the app, other times not. When it is there and I turned it in with the app, the light would turn on, and the icon would disappear so there was no way to turn the light off other than by restarting the camera through the app or power cycling it. I just didn’t turn the light on. With the spotlight update and v3 update, this flaky spotlight now works as intended.


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I updated all three Camv3 today and they all updated. No issues! :wink:

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Just updated 2 of 16 V3 cameras, will evaluate and monitor forum for issues before updating the other 14 V3’s

Edit. Spotlight offline again.

Getting frustrated with this particular camera. It, like my other 5 outdoor v3 cameras with spotlights are on microUSB extension cables. All the same length, and from the same manufacturer. The spotlight icon disappears at times just on this particular v3.

Brought my RAVPower 30000 mAh USB power bank right to the camera. Spotlight works and is recognized. Will leave it like that for a while.

BTW, this particular v3/spotlight/cable/power adapter was relocated from a working position on the other side of the house. The fault does not follow the camera. It is the location,

Pulled the trigger after testing first 2 on Version and updated the other 14 without any issues.

When will they ever fix the “Sync Time” Bug in the V2 cameras?


I have 3 v2 cameras that also give an error when syncing time, even after the latest firmware update. Fortunately the time is correct for now.

My v2 syncs the time without issue. My FW version is

But that is a Beta I bet - Not me I will let you Beta’s kill your cams…LOL

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LOL - Yes it is. Trust me, there are some issues at times. But so far, nothing that could not be resolved.

So I guess you can be assured it is fixed when they release the new FW. :slight_smile:


Just received and the sync time still fails. Need to wait for .638.

Please fix the software controlling the spotlight so that it turns on with motion, then turns off in 30 seconds. There is a bug in the current software.
I have mine set up so that the spotlight goes on when motion is detected. The problem is that when it goes on, it stays on. So every night I essentially “reset” it. I go into the camera settings and change the spotlight setting to come on at sunset (in other words, uncheck the go on with motion box), then go back to the live camera, then go back to the settings and check the box for the spotlight to come on with motion. That seems to fix it. But I should not have to reset this setting every night so that it operates correctly.

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I have spotlight problem also, current setting it supposed to be automatic on when detect motion, but when the camera detect motion, the light still not automatic on. It only on when manually turn it on use the app

My spotlights on two different cameras will not turn off after motion when camera/Accessories/Spotlight/Timer is set to keep lamps on for any of the time periods selected. The only way I can get them off is manually.

Have you tried my approach? After sunset, when the spotlight is ready to turn on with motion, let it turn on with motion detected. It will then stay on. Go back into the spotlight settings, uncheck the box turn on “when motion detected”, and check the box “turn on at sunset”. Go back to the camera view, then click on settings again, then change the spotlight setting to turn on “when motion detected.” This seems to correct the problem temporarily for the night. My spotlight will then come on with motion, then turn off in 30 seconds. However, I must follow this “reset” process every evening.
This appears to be a bug in the camera software and I wish Wyze would fix it. Many people have reported that the spotlight turns on and stays on in spite of setting it otherwise. So it’s clearly a bug.

If instead of checking the “go on with motion” box, I wonder if it is possible to set up a Rule that will turn on the spotlight with motion, then turn it off in 30 sec. Perhaps that might circumvent the schedule bug noted in this post.

In theory, that is what the “Timer” setting does. If not, write it up in (first) Friday