Wyze Cam v3 spotlight not working shipped with beta firmware out of the box

Purchased 2 Wyze cam v3 spotlights end of July 2022 and one stopped working. I have one purchased prior to that on firmware that’s working fine.

I checked the firmware on the one that stopped working and the firmware is From some previous posts it seems like is beta firmware which is strange because I never joined the beta program and never updated the firmware, I reached out to customer support about downgrading the firmware to the last official release of as firmware seems like it’s the problem and 5 back and forth conversations later I was finally told that you can’t downgrade the firmware for the spotlight cam v3 accessory.

Beyond frustrated I opened the spare spotlight I had that was new in box and that spotlight was also on firmware It seems like for some reason I was shipped cam v3 spotlights with beta firmware. I am trying to get replacements, but hope this post helps out anyone having problems with their cam v3 spotlight accessories that purchased around the same time of July 2022. Check your firmware, last official release on the Wyze website was I was basically called a liar by the customer support rep telling me to uninstall the beta program and then eventually slipping a one line response in the middle of canned copy and paste response that the firmware could not be downgraded. Seems like Wyze won’t admit that somehow products shipped with beta firmware that are causing the spotlights to now malfunction. My v3 camera is on the latest firmware [] (December 15, 2022).

Hopefully I can get a replacement spotlight that works but it seems that Wyze needs to do an investigation into why products shipped with buggy beta firmware instead of calling their customers liars.