Spotlight disappeared, unable to reinstall

Wyze Cam v3, Firmware
App V2.26.21

Hello to all,

I put a Spotlight on top of my v3 and it worked as intended until I upgraded the camera to the latest firmware. I tried all kinds of things to get it back, nothing worked. I always get that message asking me to unplug the Spotlight, check my WIFI etc. The app just doesn’t want to see my Spotlight.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Maybe consider rolling back to a previous firmware version…

I followed the official instructions on how to flash the firmware, and it always fails at step 4. The red LED blinks and it never turns purple. If I release the Setup button after about “3-6 seconds”, the camera boots but the firmware never changes. If I hold the button pressed longer, the camera hangs (at that point I need to delete it in the app and install it fresh). Long story short, I am unable to roll back to a previous firmware.