I have v3 cam and spotlight combo. The first time, I was running beta on both the cam and spotlight ( +
Got a replacement from wyze and now it’s all new hardware running +
In both cases, the spotlight keeps disappearing. Simply rebooting the v3 cam often makes it disappear, but it also disappears by itself… Sometimes after a day, sometimes after 5 days.
The ONLY way I found to bring the spotlight back is to physically remove the USB plug on the spotlight.
Rebooting the v3, power cycling the whole thing, force closing the app, etc, doesn’t help.
Not sure if this is caused by beta spotlight firmware, but I don’t see a way to downgrade it. (Leaving beta doesn’t do it)
Do others have a similar experience?
Please reply if your spotlight works fine and what firmware you’re running.

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Everything’s been A-OK with the following combination for me. Never once have I had the spotlight disappear (or that I know of) on me - I have RULES set up that triggers the spotlight in an assortment of scenarios which kick in/off fine.

Same here but I am running spotlight FW …

I know @mxb and I have been experiencing this issue for the last 3 months or so .

Tagging @WyzeDesmond again to follow up if he has any new info on when a new FW will address these spotlight connectivity issues…

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