The Problem with Spotlights

There seems to be an issue with the Spotlight for the V3. As usual I’m probably the only tech stupid person with this problem so please bear with me. I have the spotlight hooked up, ran it for 2 months. Now all of a sudden it’s giving me one issue after another. The spotlight randomly turns itself on. If I have it in a spot that it will shine up to the awning outside Mom’s bedroom I make sure the think is turned off completely. Sometimes in areas where I want it to turn on it shows it’s not even connected. I move the stupid V3 to another spot it turns on but no matter what I do it will not shut off. It’s not always possible for me to walk outside in a very bad area 2:30 am to shut it off unless I turn off the cam and for other reasons which is not relevant to this question. Is there a known issue? BTW: I don’t know if there is such a thing as a firmware update to the spotlight but the specs of my cam and spotlight are: V3: (the release notes say I’m at latest udate) . Spotlight firmware is I checked and it’s plugged in well and you have to kind of struggle to remove spotlight so it can’t be that. Does anyone know what this could be?

Oh and I’m asking in here because I find nothing but rudeness in the Wyze Core Community group on Facebook members (not mods or administrators) when I ask a question.

The cable that comes with the spotlight is the issue.

You can turn the spotlight on or off in the app in live view at the top right

When my spotlights failed, some of them stayed on. The app said the spotlight was not installed, so the only way to turn it off is to physically disconnect it.

Are you using the original power cable and adapter? If not, that may cause the offline reliability issues.
Is your spotlight set to turn on with motion? If so, that may cause it to turn on at random.

If you go to the camera that the spotlight is connected to, then settings, then accessories, then the spotlight. You should be able to select the spotlight’s firmware version to see for there’s an update.
This might not be the reason for the issue, but f there’s an update it may fix it.

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Yes I’m using the original power cable and adapter. I also have the spotlight settings to off as I turn on manually. Mom claims that the spotlight shines up and reflects off the white awnings that keep her awake as it shines in the window. So I went outside to check and the spotlight did indeed turn on by itself in broad daylight, and I mean very very sunny outside. So there is an issue with these spotlights.

Spotlight firmware is Is there such a thing as firmware update for these? I have not as of yet seen one released for the spotlight since I got this. The V3 works great. Just the spotlight and most of mine are in an area that has little outside light but at same time when it turns on it keeps Mom awake as it reflects off the white awnings and shines into her bedroom.

Once the spotlight turns on by itself it won’t turn off through the app. I have tested it with the ones I have. The only way to do it is to turn off the cam itself. But then that defeats the purpose of having a cam to begin with.

@TomG exactly. Same here. In theory the spotlight is great but several issues I have found is that they really do not hold up to outside weather. The spotlights that fail on me were outside. The ones that were inside are still working great. I mentioned that before about the winter months and extreme cold. But yea once they fail the only way to turn them off is to go out and physically disconnect.

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