Wyze Cam v3 Pro

Hi, forum friends! :grinning:

2K. Built-in spotlight. Edge A.I. Everyone relax. The professional has arrived.

Meet the new Wyze Cam v3 Pro


Just got two of these on the Canadian side :slight_smile: Ready to test drive this thing…


I am anxious to try v3 Pro, but will wait for it to be available on Amazon. Why? Because even though the price is slightly higher, returns are simpler and cost-free, Having been burned by purchasing 2 of the Outdoor Floodlights with v3, I always anticipate needing to make a return now. I have a multiple-device yearly license for Cam Plus and about a dozen v3 cams, which I am mostly happy with. But the floodlights burned me, guys. $200 down the drain. So I’ll wait for Amazon to stock them before I try the new v3 Pro.


Does anyone know if CamPlus is required to use the cameras built-in AI? Can you alert for a person with the V3 Pro if you don’t have CamPlus?


My understanding is that the onboard PD AI will still trigger a push notification for PD because it still uses the server to log an event in the events tab just like it does now for the V3 Motion Events. The push notifications come from the server. But it will still only be a Thumbnail on the events page and there will still be a 5 minute cooldown.


Key differences:

  • 2K instead of 1080p resolution
  • Faster CPU
  • Better Speaker/microphone
  • 2 Antennas instead of 1
  • Built-in spotlight, but Far IR only (V3 has both Near/Invisible and Far IR)
  • Smart Focus Feature (zooms in on movement)
  • Local Person Detection (without cam plus it does thumbnail images that link to the SD card recordings, with cam plus it will do this in conjunction with the cloud AI for improved accuracy and speed and cloud recordings and no 5-minute cooldown)
  • New interface that has cloud events showing on the Livestream screen, and the playback screen shows where events are located on the timeline (and what kind of event).
  • V3Pro Doesn’t [currently] support Accessories (like the Floodlight, Garage Door Controller, Lamp Sockets). There has been no announcement on future use of these yet. For now, you still need an original V3 for accessories that use Data input.


  • [Will eventually] Work with Web View (Pending)
  • 2.4gHz only
  • V3Pro’s entire front face is black! :heart_eyes: And looks cool.

EDIT: Adding a link to the really great review and comparison TheNetGuy did for this!


Did they say whether the window mount will work with this?


That is a great question…

I am guessing it will. The dimensions are very close:

52mm x 52mm x 58.5mm = V3Pro
52mm x 51mm x 58.5mm = V3 Original

So They’re close to identical. There is a 1-millimeter difference on one dimension, but I would think it would fit. It would be nice to hear from Wyze if this can be confirmed for sure though.


It looks interesting. But, I have at least 3 spare cameras now. I may wait until later in the week to see if they introduce any other new products and make a single purchase then.

Quick question though: I see a $2 subscriber discount in the app store, but not one on the website? @WyzeJasonJ, do you know if that is by design and a mistake? (Yes, I logged into the website.)

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I am looking into that now and will let you know!


I am being told this is a visual bug only and should be corrected in the cart, but they are working on it and thank you for pointing it out.


Does the V3 pro support accessories like the V3? I’d love to upgrade my outside V3 but I have 2 light sockets connected to it.

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Does it have an improved antenna ?

Will it be matter compatible?

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Not at this time, it doesn’t currently support any of the accessories. There has been no statement on whether it eventually will, but it would be awesome to support the floodlight and Garage Door Controller and Lamp Sockets for convenient placement.
(Updated this answer to my bullet points above now)


In the FAQ it says it says it has:

a stronger Wi-Fi connection with 2 antennas.

The tech specs say:

Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, 2T2R 2.4GHz.


So…I’m checking on this right now, I just found out that when you buy one of these it asks if you want the lamp socket, so maybe it is compatible, and they didn’t tell us in the FAQs, I’ll report back when I find out.

Alright, I just heard back they are not compatible with the Lamp Sockets or any data-required accessories right now.

Jimmy told me that:

it does work with outdoor adapter and floodlight’s side port as well as window mount I’ve heard


Yea that’s a good point . A lot of us have the original window mount for the v3 . Here’s hoping the v3 pro fits. If not maybe wyze can release a v3 pro window mount :slight_smile:

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Questions related to Wyze Cam v3 Pro and the Floodlight:

  1. Would the v3 pro work as an additional camera for the Floodlight using the extra USB port?
  2. Would there be a Floodlight with v3 pro as its main camera?
  3. If I buy the current Floodlight (with regular v3), can I upgrade its main camera to v3 pro later when supported?

Thanks much!


@carverofchoice answered these in his edited post a couple up from yours – The V3 Pros are not compatible with any accessories ATM (of which the Floodlight is one). but you can operate a V3 Pro off the secondary port of the Floodlight (as a simple camera, not a controller).

It is also compatible with the V3 window mount. But as with the V3, be sure to strain-relieve the cabling so it doesn’t stress the mount. A good way to do that on both camera models is to tie the power cord to the curtain rod.