Wyze Cam v3 Pro: The 2K smart camera you've been waiting for

What do you folks think? Another can of snakes?


This is great.

On edge AI, a built in spotlight , and 2K Resolution.

Just ordered a 2 pack , can’t wait !:slight_smile:

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What, no 4K? :wink:

Seriously this is close to what many of us have been asking for. Wow, I may end up staying with Wyzecams after all.


will this work with floodlight? can you replace the pre-installed camera?


Did you see the “redesigned interface” comments? Does this mean a new App is coming for all devices? About time as the current App is not very good compared to others.

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Is it compatible with the wyze lamp socket?

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how good is it at reading license plates? How well cameras can read license plates should be an industry-standard measurable property of all cams cmon.


So 116 deg FOV vs the original V3 at 130 deg - is that right? Not sure if they are mixing diagonal vs horizontal.

Cam plus is still required for person detection even though it’s done on-camera now?

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I just had an update for the android app and I don’t see this interface yet…but I hope it will come to all cameras

should be, as that is simply a power source for it

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Maybe the next line of cameras… :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Same. I bought some spotlight kits for my v3!: but that extra wiring is so annoying and now the cameras will come with the spotlight built in so this eliminates the wiring.

2k resolution, finally . I knew Wyze was going to come out with 2k sooner or later but they took long enough given the competition has been releasing 2k and now 4 k for a few months now… but alas!!!

On edge AI, I’m loving this. No more cloud dependency for AI detection. Hopefully wyze continues to go down this route and go Local. The VP of Product did say he wanted to go local !!


I’m not sure if the lamp socket can provide 2 amps required for the new cam. Also it needs to be able to control it. One can’t control lamp sockets with wyze V2 or pan.


No subscription is required. You will still get push notification of PD, however it will be a thumbnail in the Events tab that will be linked to the video on the SD card (if installed). There will still be a 5 minute cooldown without CP.


The biggest question for me is: Did you upgrade the horrendous, worst-in-class mic/audio?


Are they going to give us RTSP on the V3 Pro???


I just hope we see less dust bunnies. Like dust but those are the worst.

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Since I started the post and opened the can of snakes, I’d like to ask couple of questions myself and not expect spot on answers as the Pro is not shipping till Novemeber.

  1. Can Edge AI be ported to existing cameras via Firmware, or they don’t have enough processing power?
  2. The new Pro camera is using Edge AI and all AI processing is done in camera, how is this going to affect remotely located cameras? I’m guessing it will still need to go through AWS servers to reach the mobile app? Is this going to slow down notifications from remote cameras?

We will have to wait and see… let’s hope so ! :slight_smile:

I just ordered but the order got automatically cancelled. Guess i will wait to see if the money gets returned.

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should have given us wifi 5ghz… feel like streaming 2k video over the already crowded / interfered 2.4ghz is going to be a nightmare.