Wyze V4 vs V3 Pro Cameras

What are the features you are looking forward to in the V4 camera (over the V3 Pro)?
I did notice the camera weighs more than a V3 Pro and is bigger.
The WiFi-6 support is nice and 2.5k QHD on the V4.
The temperature can only go to 122 degrees Fahrenheit though.

Stellar audio in/out (finally!), image sensor, same small footprint as Cam v3, pigtail connector, grey housing color, and best feature… lower cost! :+1:


Can I use the camera vertical mode like on v3 pro ? When I mounted the camera 180 degree

If you mean inverted, yes. There is a Rotate Image 180° setting in Advanced Settings for Cam v4.

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The audio improvement seems like a good idea, but I’d have to hear it. Definitely like the price! The V4 as built in Edge AI though, so I’m not sure how that compares to V4. My V3 Pro currently does detection better than my V3’s do.

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Does anyone know if the new V4 has AI audio noise filtering to reduce noise, electrical interference, cracking, wind, etc.?

Other than my doorbell pro, most of my current variety of Wyze cams have crackling, wind nose & muffled audio. I have tried adding foam, etc.

I have taken the Wyze audio feed and run it thru Apple iMovie audio filters so it is possible to clean up the audio significantly with a software filter.


Yes it does. It’s not perfect, especially at max volume, but it is far superior to anything Wyze has previously offered.


The DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED 2-way audio is the unsung hero of this camera. Night and day difference.


The detection speed is very similar to v3 pro, sometimes marginally faster


WyzeMatt, does V4 filter audio for wind noise, interference, crackling, etc.? better than previous Wyze cams?

Yes, it’s dramatically better in all annoying background noise scenarios. I noticed it particularly in trying to listen to my toddler tell me something through the camera while it was raining outside.


I think they used to say the v2 (and maybe v3) at HD required 1.5 Mbps upload per cam to stream continuously. Is that right, and how does it compare to this higher res guy?

I assume you can set the res lower if your network isn’t up to the load of multiple cams active at max res simultaneously?


[my emphases]

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When they say it is Wifi 6 compatible, does that means it runs on 5GHz?

Does it support WPA 3?

Did they fix the grayed-out playback button?

2.5K video? Funny.



I’d like this confirmed as well. The 2.4Ghz band is congested in my home. When I’m buying new cameras I want to make sure I get one that supports 5Ghz.

Edit: It’s answered in the FAQ… V4 only supports 2.4Ghz network. Big letdown!

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Here is a video comparing the new v4 with the v3 and v3 Pro.


Wow. That is a big letdown. Might as well stay with. my v3 cams.

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It’s always a good time to train your kid early.

But it is wifi 6 2.5Ghz signal which should have better range I believe.

It does. And 2.5Ghz has better penetration than 5Ghz to start with.