Ver 3 Pro VS Ver. 4. differences

You know I just bought a few v3 cameras a couple months ago or so, I went back on the other day to buy more, wanting the latest and greatest only to find a very 4, yay I purchased 5 of them thinking there the latest and greatest… But I look today and see the ver 3 pro for more money than the ver 4. What’s the difference?

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(Edit: sorry, the tags stuck out to me as well as the first sentence in the post rather than registering the title and the last sentence qualifying it was about the V3Pro not the V3)

Lots of differences, here’s a comparison on Wyze’s support site:

Overall the V4 is a better camera. The reason it is also cheaper apparently has to do with Wyze optimizing the costdown processes in how it is produced, etc.


Incidentally, the V3 Pro’s WiFi signal is weaker than the V3 or V4. Its simply does not have the strength or maybe its range is less. But either way, it can lose signal more frequently than the V3 or V4 sitting exact the same distance or same location, one turned on at a time. It caused me to put a V3 back and move the V3 Pro to a less necessary spot.


The cam pan V3’s wireless is also weak in comparison to V3. I haven’t tested V4.

Thank you kind sir

Thank you very much kind sir !!

please note the ? was v3 pro vs v4

Sorry, somehow missed the Pro in the title. It happens. Please be nice. If you notice, I read the tags, and the original post which say V3 and V4, not V3 Pro. My mistake overlooking the Pro in the title and the last sentence when the start had me thinking about the V3.

V3’s have also been more money than the V4’s in recent times.

My apologies for the oversight and honest mistake.

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IDK, The Netguy tested them several times and found the opposite. V3Pro in green beat out both the V3 (orange) and the V4 (blue) on overall signal reception.

As I understand it, the V3Pro has a 2x2 MIMO and the V4 only has a 1X1 MIMO. So it is quite possible that the V3Pro is superior/stronger than the V4, but the V4 does have a WiFi 6 chipset which will help a lot in other ways.


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Sorry for my first post, I missed the “Pro” in your question and talked about the regular V3. Here’s a good comparison between the V4 and the V3 Pro (as well as the V3) if you want some more details from another reviewer:

Apologies for my earlier mistake ::slight_smile:


You shouldn’t be apologizing to people like that. They should be apologizing to you.

You are too nice.

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How’d this guy (the OP) get to the head of the line? The carver owes me several, by my reckoning, and he blithely hands them out to others when they’re not even needed??? Not right.

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It’s okay. I was wrong and did misread. It won’t be the last time. I do have ADHD and get hyperfocussed on a detail and train of thought while I finish reading and then sometimes I miss and overlook key points that totally change things. It happens. I’m not really insecure about it and don’t mind admitting when I make a mistake or when someone points them out to me so I know I didn’t actually help as I intended to. It’s better than nobody telling me. :slight_smile: Had a friend or brother said the same thing I would just chuckle at the banter, so I’m fine giving the benefit of the doubt to others who may have even seen other threads in here with me and friends bantering. :slight_smile: No big deal. :+1:

Fwiw, I initially made the same mistake based on the tag. That’s two in the last six years. :wink:


10…9…8…7…6…5…4…2…3…1… LOL. Whoops. Now three. (you weren’t apologizing to the OP) :joy:

That is not the point, the point is that that person was rude and it was uncalled for. We’re all humans on this forum (at least most of us), and making a mistake is what makes us human. I also made the same mistake when I read the original post.

He can’t respond any more because he takes his Maven role seriously (don’t divert is the statute, I think. Although, I think it’s an organic offshoot - not arbitrary OT - so I rule it ‘allowed’, replay, no loss of down :slight_smile: )

Hey, no need to Apologize… Thank you for all your help, don’t mind these guys that have nothing better to do than wait to pounce on someone’s slightest error. Thanks again, Jon

Ps… I was just afraid the ver 3 pro were greatly better, and was pissed I just bought 5 of the v4

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The main difference would be more bugs in V4. With lower price they simply try gather beta testers who will pay for fixing bugs, which is quite clever strategy actually.
I bet V3 Pro has less problems hence costs more.
However if these are based on same SDK as Cam Pro battery I would stay away from both products.
Just noticed Cam Pro Battery price drop which means CPB became offcially unfixable

I dropped by the forum to see if the V4 had a weaker signal than the V3 {not Pro} I literally swapped out a v3 for the new v4 because I wanted the spotlight for my backdoor. It works but I keep getting that trying to connect message and every now and again it says to switch to 360p because of an unstable connection.

For whatever reason my old v3 works better than the v4 at the same location plus or minus a millimeter or two.

I’m going to let it hang out for a day or two in case it just needs time to adjust or something but is there anyway to know if I got a dud v4?

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Looks like your LAN can’t handle the 2.5K stream hence asking you to drop the resolution. These cameras are totally different beast compared to v3s.