WiFi Range and Stability, are some Wyze cameras better than others?

I have a few V3s and one of them at the back of the house says it has good good (two out of 3 bars) of signal. But it frequently is very slow or hard to get a good live stream from.

I am thinking about upgrading it to one of the new outdoor pan and tilts or a Pro. My question is the signal range any better on the other Wyze cameras when compared to the V3.

Here are some videos ive seen about the comparison of the V3 with other cameras.


In what I have read and watched, the V2 is still the leader in antaenna reception. The video @Omgitstony linked from The Net Guy has a great graphic that shows the reception comparison. But, the V3Pro is 2K and MIMO.

The PanV3, IMO, still needs work to rival the V3. The only feature it adds for me is the ability to manually pan.

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