Is this just a lie?

From their website, it says about the difference between the v3 and the v3 Pro:

“A stronger Wi-Fi connection with 2 antennas.”

My experience is that the Pro version has a much weaker Wi-Fi connection. I replaced two v3 cameras with v3 Pros, at the exact same location, and they struggle mightily to maintain a connection with my router. So I finally threw up my hands in frustration and put back the original non-Pro cameras and they continue to have a strong network connection.

I wonder if others have experienced this as well?


Not me mine works just fine. I put it the same place I had a V3, outside above my garage.

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Mine works as good or better than the v3. Keep in mind the pro is 2k, so the bandwidth required for it to operate is increased. If your router is struggling, or your internet connection is limited, it could be causing issue.


If the router is limited and causing the issue, why wouldn’t the v3 cameras have the same issue (after all they have the “weaker” antenna)?

here is a YouTube video on the V3Pro by The Net Guy. At about 14:11 he talks about WiFi


Do your V3Pro cams struggle when the Video Quality is set to SD or just when they are set to 2K?


Also, make sure you’re using the power brick that comes with the pro, and not reusing the one from the v3. The older one doesn’t supply enough power. That could be the issue.


Great pull @trekgod3! Totally forgot about that new difference!

Yep, and he rated the Pro’s WiFi performance as significantly poorer than that of either the V3 (in the middle) or the V2 (best).

His testing and graph showed the Pro better than the V3 out until 68 ft but both below the V2. Then the pro is only slightly below the V3 the rest of the way out in distance until they both become unusable. The V2 drops out quick with distance though and at 50-60 feet, the Pro was the strongest signal of all three cameras.


I’m sorry, you are correct. I misremembered. It goes by quickly but here are his final WiFi rankings.


still struggle at SD, but not nearly as bad as 2K

I am not sure which power brick is the correct one at this point. I have them all mixed up. What does the Pro power brick say on it?

2 amp output, not 1 amp.


Okay I switched to the 2 amp one and the problem still exists, but to a lesser degree, I think.

BTW, there are many people on this forum who are reporting this exact same problem in another thread. It seems to be related to night/day usage as well. My Pros stream just fine during the night, or at very low light, but when the sun comes out they crap out.

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If you are still running long USB cables to your cams, you may be experiencing voltage drop.


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