V3 Antenna Lousy Reception

I just put up a new V3 camera. The reception is lousy! I’m getting about three kilobytes per second at 360p. The old V2 in the same location would get 60 kilobytes per second in HD. Is anyone else having a reception problem? What can I do other than return the cameras for a refund?


That’s NOT good news! I was about to upgrade my 6 v2s to v3s for the Starlight sensor.

If the WiFi reception is not as good as the v2s the. I guess I look elsewhere as I really want to improve my night vision capabilities.

Anyone using the Eufy 2k indoor cam, their pan is already on sale reduced for Black Friday from $51 to $39, I bought 6 of those as they have great performance in both day and night and offer 2K video!!
I guess I’ll just buy their std indoor (I don’t need the ip65 for my uses) but they haven’t announced the pricing yet (still at $39, but if the discount is comparable, then it should be coming in at about $30, but shipping is free, so their only $3 more than the Wyze V3 and your getting a much better resolution camera!!

I also have a bunch of V2’s but haven’t received the two V3’s I ordered. One of my V2’s is installed looking over the driveway under the eave and the WiFi signal there is a bit spotty. I was hoping the V3’s had a better WiFi module/antenna. It would be great if someone who has a V3 could provide some insight on this matter…

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This is somewhat confusing, their marketing info pushes the fact that the V3 has BETTER WiFi capability than the v2.

I can’t imagine that marketing pulled that out of their Assumption basket (had to head that off). Had to be based on testing, no???

Can anyone shed light on this?

Yes, that’s what I understood as well. Their marketing said the V3 had a better Wi-Fi connection. I don’t see it. Granted, the camera that I’m having problems with is a long ways away from my router. But, the V2 is just fine. Maybe they owe us a software upgrade!

Seems like you’ve got a pretty simple example that should, as in your case of same location and on the same network, be at least as good as the “old inferior” v2 WiFi. Now I am in the position of having to by the Eufy on Friday so I don’t miss the deal, and then hoping that the v3 isn’t WiFi deficient, waiting to verify, and returning the Eufy if the v3 is golden.

Oh well, that’s why I have Prime I guess, returns good thru 1/31/2021, gotta love that!!!

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I have a eufy 2k pan as well and it does work excellent. It’s just better at everything.

It’s a damn good option, normally a bit more money (except with Black Friday pricing which is awesome). The RTSP is rock solid from what I’ve been told! Looking forward to being able to use my license plate recognition RPi and being able to have ID quality video.

It’s dark here now. The night vision on the camera is spectacular! No complaints there.

Yep, the night vision is what sold me on upgrading!

But I’m now worried about the WiFi and apparently, the cams are going offline a lot per another topic.

Have you had any such issues?

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I have a V3 that’s about 70 to 80 feet away from my router. How far away is yours? What is the speed on your internet. I’m not having any issues on HD mode.


Distance is not bad, max 75’, my “unusual” issue that contributes is my Workshop, awesome WiFi, but my tooling machines can generate intermittent significant emi/rfi so depending on the effective Tx out from Wyze v3 versus v2, it needs to have same/better characteristics and some intangibles I really can’t test until I can get one in there (how well is it shielded, how trimmed is the antenna.

So when I read that their tests showed significant improvement over the v2, I thought no problem.

If there are users having difficulty swapping out existing v2s with v3’s then it’s probably those marginal or unusual installs that exhibit issues, and my shop,can be one of those, so I’m bringing one in to test before I decide to buy the whole swap out.

Thanks for the info!

There’s talk of a POE adapter for the V3 that might help with your interference issues, but no official word yet.

Excellent, yep, specially if I run Cat-7

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My problem camera location is about 70 feet from the router. But, it has to go through the floor and then stucco wall. I’m going to spend a bunch of time tomorrow to move the router to another location in the house.

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Moving the router will definitely help. A WIFI extender is also a good idea if you can’t move the router.

I’ll definitely give it a try tomorrow. I tried installing a couple of different range extenders. No good. They were very spotty and inconsistent.

I’m running V2 and V3 and having no difference. Only difference I find is the 3 is much better at picking stuff up so it’s more sensitive to my lights I have around.

My router is located in the garage with my network cabinet. I have one V3 out at the front door, about 50ft away, going through 3 walls. Another V3 in the dining room where my kids do their school work, about 40ft away, going through 3 walls. The Wifi performance has been excellent. I just recently upgraded my Wifi to an Eero Mesh system, which replaced a Linksys AC3000 router and RE700 Extender. The Wyze devices were terrible using the range router/extender setup. Numerous drop offs and poor connections. Since using the Mesh system, not a single drop off yet (knock on wood).


Did the Eufy cameras ever add the capability to turn off the IR lights while leaving night vision on (like Wyze has had for quite a while)?