More of the same with wyze cam v3

Super disappointed…again. First, it was the Wyze cam outdoor, with not nearly as good of sensitivity as the standard Wyze, Now it’s Wyze cam v3 with connection issues, I have to reboot this camera every time to view the feed, ridiculous! I replaced an older style Wyze cam that worked perfectly, with the exception of night vision. I’ll admit the night vision is much improved, but only when the camera connects, which seems to be only with a reboot. Very disappointed again.


I have 1 out of my 6 v3s doing the same, they are aware of the issue & a fix is coming


A good reason to delay shipping, but wish they admit to it.

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I wonder if they were made in batches and there was a bad run? I only have one new V3 so far that replaced one of my V2 and I haven’t noticed any connection problems. In fact, its a camera that displays 24/7 on two wall mounted tablets and I haven’t rebooted it in maybe 2 weeks except for a firmware update.

Daaaamn! I’m having trouble with my outdoor cam. I ordered the v3 hopefully I don’t have to go through no crap with it like my outdoor cam. Sheesh

I doubt this has anything to do with delaying shipping

could be but I think it’s a firmware issue