V3 Cam Quality, or lack there of

So far 4 of 9 V3 cameras have failed to date 3 to 9 months out. One constant “ready to connect” after re-powering, 2 fogged with moisture and will not clear, the last one bricked. Just order two to replace and both were duds right out of the box, one did not power on the other was blurry from the start. Clearly these have major issues out of box or longer term. Extremely disappointed at the terrible quality.


Well join the crowd the quility control is in the tolit

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Hey kae4560

Out of your 83 cams under management for multiple clients, how many are v3’s and how many quality control issues have you had with them?


Thanks for your question we have service technicians that do all installation, setup…we only had 1 new V3 that the contact setup switch missing from the board,I really don’t know the total of each models, but I checked with 1 technician and he told me that the only issues we get is calls from the customer, and it’s due 2 customer errors no hardware issues at all.


@Reefer - Were all these cams purchased directly from Wyze?

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Purchases were from Wyze and direct thru Amazon, not via a third party.

If you have that many devices and only one issue why do you say that quality control is so bad?


Hey Jason

My impression was that he was just throwing his hands up in exasperation with ‘the crowd’ blaming the hardware - like, "ok, you’re right, quality is in the toilet… :roll_eyes: "

But @kae4560 can confirm or deny as appropriate. :slight_smile:

(throwing up his hands… that can’t be right, can it…? gross.)

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KAE4560 I think is 2 people as they contradict themself in the same thread sometimes… :upside_down_face:


Wouldn’t be the first time an account has been shared for posting purposes on these boards.

Not against the terms of use, AFIK, but if I were gonna do it, I’d make a notation in my pop-up profile to that effect, you know, out of courtesy.

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As far as I know it is not against the rules, but announcing who it is would take the fun out of trying to figure out which peepeep I am reading posts from. Also Happy Anniversary


Why, I never… and actually I haven’t. Also thank you. :slight_smile:

If we don’t learn from it we are doomed to repeat it. Please, let’s not. :wink:

For me it ends up being 50% of my outdoor units. Indoor are fine so it seems the V3 is not up to being outdoors long term and with seasonal temp / humidity swings. They were fine initially for weeks aside from the last two new I just got that both were dudes out of the box.

Hey @Reefer , what is the range of those swings?

Well… ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.’… but what’s even worse is to keep blaming others instead of problem solving and thinking critically. What number of cameras has to be “tested” before realizing it’s an environmental issue that’s different than the massive number being used and not having the same ratio of issues? It’s very much likely and most common that the local network hardware is not up to handling the capacity of the high definition streaming video, backing up online, etc etc. If it’s not even known how many devices are on the network and it’s not known how many devices and what amount of traffic can be handled… none of which was shared here to help troubleshoot… well, that’s the root of the problem that’s going to result in failure no matter how many times cameras are swapped out.

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So… you think more complete information would be useful? :slight_smile:


He only disassembled the WCO, not V3, but an interesting assessment of build quality from a pro…

How does that relate to the original rant from Reefer?

I have had my fist V3 camera replaced. When I look at the lens in my old V3 it looks like this.


I am not sure it is moisture or mold inside the lens. My camera is not a seasonal temperature swing because even after a month of the same temperature it was still fogged up inside.
Plus my other V3 that is also outside and of the same age is fine.

So I was thinking is is a rare issue but it sounds like it maybe common or a bad batch.

My camera is not a seasonal temperature swing because even after a month of the same tempeture it was still fogged up inside.

I have also noticed the cable coming out of the new replacement V3 camera is an inch shorter than the original V3 I had.

I have to give full credit to Wyze for replacing the camera quickly but I do hope this will not be a regular occurrence.

I wonder if you take close up pictures of the lens in the cameras you replaced if they will look the same.

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Contrasting two users’ evaluations of quality, one with a little information, and one with a lot.

Just to be clear… I am happy with the overall experience.
I had a bad camera and I contacted Wyze.

And the new one fixed it. And it didn’t cost me anything but time.

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