Extremely dissatisfied with Wyze customer service; However, after 2.5 weeks it was made right and corrected

A $20 device to protect your family is much better than no device at all. Consider yourself very lucky that such a quality device is available at such a reasonable cost.

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They finally got back to me too, after 2+ weeks. After some communication problems, Wyze made me whole. I sent management some ideas to improve CS so let’s hope they work on it.

You’re welcome, @firebirdude! I’m glad I was able to help and I apologize for your experience before that.

@pitzer, thank you for your suggestions. We appreciate you taking the time to make your recommendations. We are glad to hear that your problem has been resolved now.

Give us your address via DM and we will pay for all the Wyze Camera’s that you need to protect yourself… Happy to do so!

No, we put them in the recycle bin for others to use them and happy to say they all have been distributed and put too good use!

To provide a conclusion and a final update to this thread…

Wyze under the direction of @WyzeGwendolyn she made this right and admitted fault in customer service… even though my boss won’t use Wyze again, he has given all 11 plus the replacement camera’s to me… I am happy to say they are all working.

It is unfortunate that @WyzeDongsheng @CaptainMark @WyzeRoy @WyzeMike never responded to this nor our e-mails, DM’s, or Eric Schmidt’s requests to speak regarding what happened here… we guess that customer support and experience isn’t important to them.

It isn’t that customer sevice is less important to them. It’s that they trust me to do my job and do it well. I’ll talk to them about better ways to redirect direct messages in the future but this post and helping your boss was in my sphere.

I am happy to hear that you are enjoying your Wyze Cams and that they are working well for you. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

@WyzeGwendolyn You are awesome and make things happen… It is a shame that when people get to you that have a bad experience, but you make things rights.

@WyzeDongsheng @CaptainMark @WyzeRoy @WyzeMike should at the very least respond to e-mails and DM’s as there core business is what a strong base is built upon.

Having said all that @WyzeGwendolyn made everything right, even though my boss is out of the picture everyone who has all the camera’s is beyond happy with them,

On a side note we have a forum like this and my boss receives a DM about customer service he always responds personally so maybe @WyzeDongsheng @CaptainMark @WyzeRoy @WyzeMike should take the time.

Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn and if we have any issue I will be in touch :slight_smile:

Hi @Hollywood, I did talk to the team and received confirmation that they are looking into this, sorry you had a bad experience and we also need to do a better job responding on what progress has been made. As an action item, I personally forwarded this internally so we can audit the process and Gwen is right that I do trust the customer support team to follow through. Customer service is very important to us and agree that we need more people to help monitor this so we can take action faster.


Hollywood>>“even though my boss won’t use Wyze again, he has given all 11 plus the replacement camera’s to me… I am happy to say they are all working.”

Wait a minute. Earlier in the thread you said you were the CEO of a company … and now you are saying your boss “always responds.” And you said your boss gave you all 11 cameras out the the recycle bin and they are all working. So I’m glad to hear that you, as CEO, ended up with the cameras. Also glad your recycing company hadn’t emptied the bin in that amount of time!

Hollywood>>“if we have any issue I will be in touch”

So you are continuing to use WYZE products now? And you are happy. And they are working. Can we end this thread?




Mark, I’m glad that the top folks at WYZE communicate as much as they do with WYZE customers. Your commitment to customers is off the top of the charts.

I am also glad that the top folks have the management skills and the willingness to delegate various tasks to obviously dedicated and talented people. Keep up the good work!


I can answer the question about Hollywood. Hollywood’s assistant has also been using the account and that’s the person using the cameras now.

Just for future reference, is that considered acceptable behavior on the boards?

Not a word from Wyze but in my aged, jaundiced net opinion it’s ok but THE POSTER should have mentioned it.

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Thank You for the follow up… Your technology and camera’s are awesome and we appreciate the response… obviously any organization can improve on customer service; however, with @WyzeGwendolyn help it was made right.

Just so you know everything was corrected and all the existing camera’s were put to good use. Wyze offers an inexpensive product at a very good use.

Thank You!

Todd, yes we can end this thread. I did indeed turn all my camera’s to my assistant who has been following up on this thread. I appreciate that you are a great supporter of Wyze and I encourage you to do so!

Actually @gemniii your statement “Please” does no justice to this forum and Wyze should actually remove you from your status as you have done an injustice. Your bias comments and one-sided remarks towards me without listing to the truth further discredit anything you say one here,

People like you actually do harm to honest forums like this… Just because everything works well for you does not mean technology works seamless for everyone.

YES, my assistant has been responding as she has been using the camera’s but after reading your comments I felt the need to chime in as Wyze made everything right so end of story.

Perhaps you should spend less time attacking people and spend more time defending Wyze as a company,


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Alright, this boat seems to be going in circles so I’m going to close commenting as we are all in agreement that this thread should be ended.

It is a good practice to make a note when the speaker using an account switches between people but at this point it has not been enough of a problem to become part of our community guidelines. Hollywood, if you choose to continue in the Wyze forums, please let people know when the speaker is switching in the interest of reducing confusion.