V3 Cam Quality, or lack there of

The temp swings are typical PA weather. The issue did not occur initially but popped up over months so leads me to believe a breakdown of the IP rating over time. Only issue were the ones directly exposed to rain, sun etc. Others are fine aside from the 2 for 2 out of box failures I recently received. I work in new product development of portable electronic devices for the industrial safety market and I know the effort and verification it takes to get it right. It is not just a matter of testing newly built product for IP resistance, but you need to consider degradation over time due to repeated temp and humidity cycling, UV / sun exposure etc plus part tolerances throughout the design. . Plastics, adhesives, rubber, electronics all are affected and selection for the application is key. For us it takes weeks, or months of testing including both simulated cycling and real world scenarios. Not sure what was done with this design so cannot say how it compares. The new ones I just got to be used outdoors I added the 3 year warranty via Amazon / Asurion for $4.99 so I will just get replacements / refund.

I see this on the inside of the lens that does not go away with time, even when moved indoors in a controlled environment.


From working with Lorex and a few other off brands, I have enjoyed the V3 cams mainly for their price, simplicity, and night vision. Between home and work, I’ve purchased around 10 of them and two have failed at one location where they run on solar power with battery mainly to avoid any length of wire because these are located at AM broadcast towers. Any length of wire pulls in too high of RF energy and they won’t work at all. However, it seems that when the battery runs low after several cloudy days in a row, somehow the low voltage or RF, not sure, bricks them. My new design will have a bigger solar panel, bigger battery, and a shut off when it drops too low. Wyze replaced the first one when I reported it - none us knew why it failed, and I haven’t reported the second failure, because I’m seeing a possible pattern. Most of you won’t have this issue. However, I wish they were more robust. Can’t have everything at this price point.

Interesting… Is this inner lens failure that I have seen as well. I am wondering if it was bad batch of cameras and something they may have since fixed.

The couple I had issues with were bought months apart. Have to wonder if the IP rating is not holding up over time, like the back speaker ports.

There is your problem, Amazon takes anything back, you probably got someone else’s duds.

No chance, they had the original seals intact.

Matches my experiences. 50% failure in the first year of service.

That statement alone is clearly indicative of a unique environmental or user related issues that’s causing a high ratio of issues.

For this accusation alone, Amazon does not redeploy products that are returned if the product is not sealed and unused.

I received used stuff from Amazon that was supposed to be new so don’t reply with, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Just a unique problem because you can get on Amazon and read customer reviews that state the same thing pal.

Again as I said, they were not used from Amazon, they were perfectly sealed and untouched inside…

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Wow, you’re really either really unlucky or really full of BS rant

He just wants to die on that hill… fighting a battle of BS until the last minute

Only one time out of likely hundreds of orders off Amazon I got a product that looked like it had been previously used as it had scuffs on display, I returned it and got a brand new replacement.

Never had a Wyze cam from Amazon that was obviously used as all seals were intact on package.

It happens very rarely that a returned product is resent to a customer, especially a factory sealed product like a Wyze Cam.

There is also the caveat that unless the product is at least listed as “fulfilled by Amazon” if not also “sold by Amazon” then all bets are off.