What do you do when your cameras stop working and they're out of warranty

I’ve got 3 WyzeCam V3 cameras that have stopped working. Won’t boot, won’t factory reset. Plug them in, nothing. And, they are all over 1 year old.

This doesn’t work: 3 out of my 5 Wyze cams STOPPED working

Any kind of DOI repair options people in the same situation have been able to try?

Always try flashing the firmware:

That has fixed many a “dead” camera for me.
I usually try the newest firmware first. Then I’ll try some older firmware versions if that doesn’t work.

This is the second to last resort that usually resolves everything. Make sure to use a 32GB card.

Last resort after this is to open up the camera and make sure everything is actually connected. I had to do that once for a V3 that had no power and found that the power came unplugged from the circuit board when I dropped the camera. I plugged it back in and everything was fixed again.

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Check your power supplies.


Tried them with new power supplies straight out of the box. No deal.


Thank you. That worked for one camera – the one that was in a bootloop.

The remaining cameras, however, nothing. Seem like, for some reason, they aren’t getting power. I know I haven’t dropped any of them. But, may need to open them up.

Again, thanks.

Yeah, this is good general advice, new power supply, new cord and new outlet. I have seen that be the problem.

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Does Wyze sell just the power supply and cord?

They have replacement parts here:

You can usually use other stuff too. I buy 3rd party adapters and cords all the time, but it’s important to make sure you get one that is 5V and puts out at least 1Amp per port that the adapter supports (for a v3 cam).

But for now, what you can do, is temporarily take the camera that isn’t working to the outlet, adapter and cord of one that is working and try setting it up there and see if it gets power. That way you’ll know whether it’s the camera’s problem or something in the power source.


Since you are out of warranty, I would save the dead v3s to use for parts (adapter, cord even lens) down the road. Here is a v3 TearDown video.


I will do that, thank you.

Wonder of wonders. In an act of desperation, I tried connecting the cameras using my ethernet POE setup. And it worked for two of the cameras!

Again, mind you, none of the cables/adapters I had would work. I even have a couple of Berls adapters/cables I bought for this specific purpose years ago. Nada.

But, plugged in the POE connector, and voila!

Go figure.


“What do you do when your cameras stop working and they’re out of warranty”

What I do is replace that dead Wyze cam with a Reolink Cam, one by one until their all done :grin:

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That or buy another Wyze for $35. Consider it a disposable camera or buy up. (Luckily my 7 cams have lasted for years.)


Wyze v3 cameras are currently priced at $25.98 each for white, black or blue.

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That would indicate that either your power supplies are bad or you are using the wrong ones.

Well, they are cheap enough that I consider them disposable. When my Cam Pan v3s die I will replace them with other Cam Pan V3s. But when my other Wyze cams die I will replace them with cameras from another brand.

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But, what about the cameras that won’t start no matter what power supply or cable is used?

Possibly a cable thing…mix and match cables and power supplies. Try a known good with one of the non-bootable cameras.

Wyze bricked thousand of V3 cameras after a faulty update last July. Some were able to recover using a 32g sd card, some weren’t. Wyze would not acknowledge it and said since I was out of warranty I was SOL. What finally worked for me was writing negative reviews and posting them on several websites, then sending links to those reviews to Wyze. Magically that got them to refund me nearly the full price of all my V3s.

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I sure hope you’re retired. Sounds like a lot of effort for a $25 camera. Hopefully you worked out some aggravation.

You bring up a good point…

Wyze should offer an extended warranty and call it Cam+ Extended Warranty. It could bring in loads of money, or not.

Luckily I still have working cams and never replaced a SD card in many years of use. Warranty wouldn’t be cost-effective for me.

It’s pretty easy actually. Fifteen minutes to write the review, another 30 minutes to copy and paste it on various websites. Basically you just do a Google search “Wyze reviews” and leave yours. One of those would be a Google review. It was more the principle that Wyze knew they released a defective update that bricked thousands of cameras but wouldn’t do anything about it. If they could do that then what’s to stop them from bricking everyone’s cameras as soon as their warranty is up?

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