Terrible tech support

The latest firmware update bricked my 2 V2 cameras. After repeated attempts to get help from tech support with no luck, I was promised a phone call this morning from a supervisor. Can you guess what happened this morning? Yes, nothing. No phone call. I guess Wyze has too much business to care about goodwill for customers.

Have you tried flashing the firmware via a Micro-SD card?

Both cameras are bricked. The only thing that happens when they are powered up is a flashing yellow light and clicking noise. You cannot flash without a blue light.

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Sorry to hear that about them being un-flashable, and since they are V2’s I would imagine they are out of warranty to boot…

Please don’t take this the wrong way, But I consider Wyze Cams similar to a Bic Lighter…
They are low cost and once they quit working are cheaply replaced, and the new V3 is better in my opinion.

So upgrading to a new V3 may be the only thing you can do at this time.

And YES I agree with you about Wyze customer service and technical support :exclamation:

Did you try to flash with the SD card? Second on the list of this page:

If they broke on their own no problem. HOWEVER, since the firmware is the reason, Wyze is responsible.

Totally agree. However, I read in the warranty, I think, that Wyze tries to claim no responsibility if a a firmware upgrade breaks things. Not sure they can do that, but they try.

In my 3+ years of V2, V3 and Pan Cam usage I only had to flash one camera.

Firmware corruption can happen due to many reasons, power glitch during update, glitch in your Internet service, or your WiFi connection, etc…

Not always a fault of the Wyze firmware, I have 7 V2 cameras in my group of 24 cameras.
And all 7 V2’s are running the latest firmware and 1 (V1) Pan=Cam on same firmware.

My 16 V3’s currently only have 2 on the newest release while I wait and see how that firmware behaves, the other 14 V3’s will be updated later after observing the 2 currently on firmware and watching the forum for issues with this new version firmware before updating the other 14 V3’s