Cam Pan V2 status light remains yellow after failed update

Did the update for my Cam Pan V2 and it failed. Tried rebooting the cam and nothing. It tells me to reboot. So got tired of trying to get it to work after it had a constant yellow light for hours (thought it would at least start to flash, no luck). So I uninstalled the camera and tried reinstalling it but it remains in the solid yellow light status. Did this thing brick?

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Sorry to hear of the troubles. I have had this happen in the past as well. Sounds like your next step should be a manual flash of the camera.

Instructions on how to flash (manually install the firmware) can be found here.

If you run into any roadblocks, reach back out.

If you are still having issues after the flash I would reach out to Wyze support.

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Thanks I will give this a go.

Unfortunately it didnā€™t work

Sorry to hear, Iā€™d give support a call.

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