Cams stopped working

I have 9 cams. 5 out of 9 stopped working. After last firmware update. I get one working . then I gotto fix another one , it starts working. The other one stops working. HELP

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Sorry you are having troubles with your cams. You mentioned you did a recent Firmware update. You also listed several cam versions in the tags. A couple background questions to get enough information to troubleshoot the problem:

  • What cam versions?
  • What Firmware version are they running?
  • What App version are you running?
  • What are the detailed specific symptoms of the cam not working?
  • What steps are you taking to restore them to operation?

I am sure there is someone here who can help, just need solid info to go on.


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What type of power source in on the board inside of cams 2v and 3? also need voltage before I open one up.

Not really sure why you would need to open them up. It certainly isn’t recommended. The power delivered is listed on the plug that came with the cam.

If the firmware caused issues, I would be flashing back the firmware before I ever thought about dismantling the cam. Dismantling the cam isn’t going to solve any issues caused by the firmware and is most likely going to destroy it instead.

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I got smart plugs on the cams. when I kill power to the cams, they and later turn power back on the cams stop working. So Im thinking there is some type of power on the boards that keeps things in memory.

No. The cams have solid state chips that maintain the cam firmware without any power.

I have smart plugs on all my cams as well that I use to power cycle my cams. This isn’t the root of the problem.

The recent Firmware update on Cam V2 and Cam Pan V1 is causing issues with cams when they are powered off and then back on (power cycled). It is the firmware that is causing the cams to “forget” the network login credentials. It is a known problem they are aware of and working on.

Until it is fixed, users can:

  1. Do a factory reset and setup (don’t delete from the app) then not turn them off.
  2. Wait for a fix without an operational cam.
  3. Manually flash back the firmware to the last known working version (requires 32GB SD and an external SD reader)

If you want to flash, the files are available, but you will need to post a list of your model numbers. The procedures are linked above.

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