Is Anyone Actually Satisfied With Their Wyze Camera?

The App does not download to the Device’s SD card. It downloads to the Device’s internal memory. I want it to download to the Device’s SD card.

I am by no means an Android expert (I use iOS), but I believe what you seek is a device-specific change, and is not under control of the Wyze app.

If this process doesn’t help, try Googling how to use micro SD card as internal storage on android for your specific device:

  1. Clear your SD card of anything you want to save, and put it back in your Android device
  2. Open Android settings on your device
  3. Tap ‘Storage’
  4. You should see ‘Internal Storage’ entry and a ‘SD Card Storage’ entry. Do not select either.
  5. Below the SD Card Storage entry will hopefully be “Format as Internal Storage” or similar wording. Select that.
  6. It should ask if you want to format your SD card as internal storage.

That should add the SD card’s capacity to your internal storage capacity.

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They are on different sides of the house. The one on front door never goes out. Both the ones going out have a steady 2 out of 3 bars for reception. I would have to rewire to move modem. Guess if it keeps happening I will have to try a signal booster.

Or upgrade to a Mesh WiFi as I had to do, never had issues since.

I have master mesh at router and 3 satellite mesh wireless access points placed strategically to cover all cameras on 4.5 Acres of my property.

Wyze needs to bring back actual signal strength in dBm besides just the 1-3 Bars (used to have that :exclamation:)

Click Image to enlarge, then zoom as needed by clicking again or by fingers on smartphone…


To keep certain Mods happy I am Mostly Satisfied with currently ONLY V2, V3, and Pan-Cams… :smiley:

Note my oldest Wyze Cam was activated in August of 2018 so I have been using Wyze for awhile…

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Mods, stop harassing @bryonhu , he’s a supporter! :wink:

I had two WCOs. The first one died, yesterday, after 2 weeks of use. Smoke came out during charging. I build circuit boards and electronic devices as a profession, and my curiosity got the better of me, so I did a post mortem disassembly; this of, of course, voids the warranty, but I am not worried about that. I found a problem and reported it to support with a picture. The problem is not frequent in electronics, but neither is it unusual. I will say that, in my professional opinion, the Wyze Camera Outdoor is well designed and manufactured. There is room for improvement, but, so far I like it better than five other cameras I have tried for my purposes, Three of those died after a night in the rain. I dissected those and did not like what I saw.


Kudos on Frankl. I do not know many people who have even heard of him, let alone, read his work.

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Had a cpl v2’s for about 8 months those stopped connecting, my one month outdoor cam stopped connecting, my pan cams followed suit. I did everything except throw them out the window trying to get them to connect online. All i had left was my v3 and since the latest update, that’s now not connecting so I’m down 6 cameras and 2 out of 3 sensors because of battery issues. I’ve had nothing but bad luck with wyze so thumbs down for me

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Over all yes, but not without issues. If not for Wyze I would’t have any smart home devices because of price, so as far as cameras go its not the end of the world if one fails were not out a lot of money, bulbs, power outlets work great. The robot vac which we named “Rosie” is by far my favorite a hiccup now and then but the dirt and hair that for years were on our floors because we didn’t sweep entire house daily is now cleaned daily in the middle of the night, just a quick look around before bed to be-sure theirs not a dog treat or charger cord exposed because Rosie will grab it and eat it for her dinner !

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Hey @Yarddawg , me too!

BTW, who are Clare and Dave Crosby… relatives of Der Bingle? :slight_smile:


With that kind of issue, i’m inclined to think its the wifi setup.
Over the years, if I get a hiccup that I can’t correct; under APP settings I force stop the app, clear out the cache and delete all data…up restart you’ll need to setup the app again.
THis has fixed more connection issues than i’d like to admit.

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Well said. Ty

Racenrich I will try to unplug my wifi and try to figure it out that way maybe delete the app and download again but I really hope you’re right. Thank you very much for the advice!


Thank you for your service. I didn’t have nearly as long as you, but here’s a pic of mine.


I’m feel better about them today than a few months ago, although much of the disappointment was on me for not reading thru the instructions more than once! Then again there wasn’t a ton of docs offered. I have 3 v2 cams, all with sd cards n cam+. The cards are recording but when viewing an album from the app, it doesn’t matter which camera’s album, the pics, etc. are all the same, like there’s only 1 sd card between the 3 cams. I would be very pleased if I could get the sd cards to record the exact same thing as the cloud events! Wish there was more than 2 weeks cloud and could download, and I agree that Wyze needs to get back to the basics and tighten up their cam line versus creating loads of new products!

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Hey Jeff

This stuff is kind of involved.

  • Cam Plus Events are stored in the Cloud (AWS).
  • Local recording Events (or continuous footage) are stored on the cam’s SD card.
  • The Wyze Album is resident on your device’s local storage.

Starting from each cam’s Live View page, select:

Gear icon > Settings > Advanced Settings > Local Recording > Events Only

And you should get roughly the same Events recorded to your local SD card as Cam Plus is uploading to the Cloud.

To access each cam’s SD card Events, tap View Playback near the bottom of the cam’s Live View page

When you are viewing any cam’s Live View or Playback and you tap Take Photo or Record, a still photo or video footage (respectively) will be saved to Wyze’s single Album on your device.

When you are viewing a Cam Plus Event and tap the Download icon at the upper right of the video, the entire Event footage will be stored to the System Gallery of your device.

Corrections/additions encouraged. :slight_smile:

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More or less. I only have 5 active at the moment. 1 Cam Pan, 4 V2, 1 V3. My biggest complaints are the talk-back audio quality. When I try to speak from the app to any of the cams, it just comes out as a garbled noise. It sounds nothing like anyone speaking.

They also constantly crash when I try to view anything from the SD card. And sometimes they don’t even record anything on the SD card.

Over the last couple of years I have also had a couple of them die and one that was very blurry.

Other than that, they are what they are… very inexpensive cameras that let me see what my dogs are up to and let me know when someone is coming to the door.

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Update, since I started this conversation. The WCOs and v3s are looking good for my backyard wildlife observations. I am still have trouble downloading time lapse and scheduled recordings. I can get them off the SD card, but that means moving the cameras then setting them again, Events download OK. Event recording is better since I spent a lot of time experimenting with the settings. v3 is WAY more sensitive than WCO. I don’t like the fish-eye; the curve is too much. They are NOT working for a project where I need to synchronize video clips. One problem is frame rate agreement with the time stamp. The WCO records at 15fpm, but the v3 is at 20fpm. I am learning about video editing for different rates to see if I cam resolve it. A second problem is that the v3 slowly runs fast, An experiment showed 4 second fast of real time after 14 hours. Apparently, it does reset to real time when it changes from night vision to day vision. I have not experimented on the WCO timing yet. Both have excellent weather resistance. I am liking the battery life on the WCOs-compared to others I have tried,

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I use a wide range of Wyze products and all have been good except the Wyse Outdoor cam. I am on my second one and it just went. The trick is to not do firmware upgrades as they will wreck it. I slipped and did a mass update and boom. Won’t connect. Spent hours on resetting, starting from scratch, formatting cards, and everything possible. Got it working for an hour and disconnected again. I think Wyse needs to recognize their problems with this one and fix it. I wish getting help from Wyse was easier.

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