Is Anyone Actually Satisfied With Their Wyze Camera?

I wish they would make a Hi end cam with 5 pixels and a true 10× zoom where atv1 to 10 the picture is clear…just like my Sony cams

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Oh yeah! I am dying for them to do a cam with 2K or 4K resolution. I think the main issue is the cloud storage model. Too many consumers don’t have good enough internet to stream many cams at resolution higher than 1K, and then Wyze would have huge cloud storage costs for it all. A solution might be to try to find a way to stream to the cloud in a lower resolution while still locally recording in a higher resolution, or allowing local only with higher resolution. I imagine it’s a tough thing for them to figure out from a business standpoint, but I too would still love to have some cams with better resolution.

I am one of those customers being in the Eldorado National Forest my bandwidth is 5 down / 5 up, and I have 24 cameras on CamPlus.

Occasionally a camera doesn’t make the upload due to other ones using the bandwidth I have available.
I have tested this theory and found it is the most likely reason…

I am on the Starlink waiting list and once that happens then I will have REAL Bandwidth, but my estimated installation is late 2022 to early 2023 according to my reservation slot.

My current Internet is Cellular Router based with one cell router dedicated to just Wyze Cams and VOIP.

My second Cell router is for home use like smartphones, Video Streaming, laptops, etc…

My Third Cell Router is for business purposes only on a private cellular APN

Then I also have SLOW DSL as backup which is actually slower than all 3 cellular paths, plus a landline.

I work with many telecommunications companies so I really only pay for 2 services (DSL & landline)
The other carriers I work with are kind enough to provide their comms for my business relationship I have with them.

Being 7 miles in the forest from nearest cell towers does have it’s limitations, Can’t wait for Starlink :exclamation:

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I here that

I have 3 V3 cameras outdoors all with cam+ and now all of a sudden 2 of them are going offline intermittently. Nothing works except removing power and waiting and then giving power again. Otherwise I’m really happy.

Very cool disclosure tag payload, thanks buddy! :slight_smile:

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Likely a WiFi signal issue, try closer to WiFi/Router

This seems to have started a flurry of posts, but is totally normal operation. The app NEVER downloads to the camera’s SD card. Only the camera can do that. All other manual captures go to the device (i.e. tablet).


The App does not download to the Device’s SD card. It downloads to the Device’s internal memory. I want it to download to the Device’s SD card.

I am by no means an Android expert (I use iOS), but I believe what you seek is a device-specific change, and is not under control of the Wyze app.

If this process doesn’t help, try Googling how to use micro SD card as internal storage on android for your specific device:

  1. Clear your SD card of anything you want to save, and put it back in your Android device
  2. Open Android settings on your device
  3. Tap ‘Storage’
  4. You should see ‘Internal Storage’ entry and a ‘SD Card Storage’ entry. Do not select either.
  5. Below the SD Card Storage entry will hopefully be “Format as Internal Storage” or similar wording. Select that.
  6. It should ask if you want to format your SD card as internal storage.

That should add the SD card’s capacity to your internal storage capacity.

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They are on different sides of the house. The one on front door never goes out. Both the ones going out have a steady 2 out of 3 bars for reception. I would have to rewire to move modem. Guess if it keeps happening I will have to try a signal booster.

Or upgrade to a Mesh WiFi as I had to do, never had issues since.

I have master mesh at router and 3 satellite mesh wireless access points placed strategically to cover all cameras on 4.5 Acres of my property.

Wyze needs to bring back actual signal strength in dBm besides just the 1-3 Bars (used to have that :exclamation:)

Click Image to enlarge, then zoom as needed by clicking again or by fingers on smartphone…


To keep certain Mods happy I am Mostly Satisfied with currently ONLY V2, V3, and Pan-Cams… :smiley:

Note my oldest Wyze Cam was activated in August of 2018 so I have been using Wyze for awhile…

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Mods, stop harassing @bryonhu , he’s a supporter! :wink:

I had two WCOs. The first one died, yesterday, after 2 weeks of use. Smoke came out during charging. I build circuit boards and electronic devices as a profession, and my curiosity got the better of me, so I did a post mortem disassembly; this of, of course, voids the warranty, but I am not worried about that. I found a problem and reported it to support with a picture. The problem is not frequent in electronics, but neither is it unusual. I will say that, in my professional opinion, the Wyze Camera Outdoor is well designed and manufactured. There is room for improvement, but, so far I like it better than five other cameras I have tried for my purposes, Three of those died after a night in the rain. I dissected those and did not like what I saw.


Kudos on Frankl. I do not know many people who have even heard of him, let alone, read his work.

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Had a cpl v2’s for about 8 months those stopped connecting, my one month outdoor cam stopped connecting, my pan cams followed suit. I did everything except throw them out the window trying to get them to connect online. All i had left was my v3 and since the latest update, that’s now not connecting so I’m down 6 cameras and 2 out of 3 sensors because of battery issues. I’ve had nothing but bad luck with wyze so thumbs down for me

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Over all yes, but not without issues. If not for Wyze I would’t have any smart home devices because of price, so as far as cameras go its not the end of the world if one fails were not out a lot of money, bulbs, power outlets work great. The robot vac which we named “Rosie” is by far my favorite a hiccup now and then but the dirt and hair that for years were on our floors because we didn’t sweep entire house daily is now cleaned daily in the middle of the night, just a quick look around before bed to be-sure theirs not a dog treat or charger cord exposed because Rosie will grab it and eat it for her dinner !

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Hey @Yarddawg , me too!

BTW, who are Clare and Dave Crosby… relatives of Der Bingle? :slight_smile:


With that kind of issue, i’m inclined to think its the wifi setup.
Over the years, if I get a hiccup that I can’t correct; under APP settings I force stop the app, clear out the cache and delete all data…up restart you’ll need to setup the app again.
THis has fixed more connection issues than i’d like to admit.

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Well said. Ty