I’ve only started using Wyze since about July±. And I’m loving the Wyze. 1 OG trial camera back then.

I’ve experienced and currently own 5 other expensive battery cameras and 2 Doorbells and they still don’t impress me, like Wyze. These Battery cams stink for live view. No SD, inconsistent, limited and closed system, no smart integration and just a pita. But they work so so and just ok.

I’ll consider the V2 doorbells when the quirks get worked out.

I’m up to 6 OG, 1 OG telephoto, 2 Pan v3s. And 7 other expensive brand battery cams/doorbells, 8 or 10 Kasa plugs and 2 Wyze outdoor plugs.

I uglified some cables and stacked an OG on top of a telephoto outside. About 19 feet of low voltage cable. Hooked into a Wyze outdoor plug, Wyze outdoor power adapter, under a Taymac cover, with a V3 spotlight Y cable. I know, I know.:grin: Better ways to do it. Next time.

5 OGs look thru windows and screens.

I’m picking up the smoke and CO sounds notifications from the cameras in Tasker and firing up fire engine sounds on my Samsung S23U. Works consistently. At night those sounds go to a Bluetooth speaker to wake us up with some volume. I’ll hear it regardless.

Also in Tasker, person notifications from any camera, once I trust all of them to be consistent, fire up intruder alert sounds to the phone and the Bluetooth speaker during set night hours schedule. They have been consistent with smart Ai so far for several weeks. I’m sure sooner or later I might get a false alarm. With a firmware update. Lol😉

But, I run them with night vision off to eliminate human dust bunnies, and have the sensitivity at about 60-65ish on most.

Motion detector PIR solar lights and motion flood lights provide plenty of light if motion is detected. I hate gray scale night vision, even though Wyze is pretty good, other than orbs and dust bunnies which most cameras have.

I already have an Orbi mesh with 2 access points. Had to after buying the other stuff. Everything runs well.:ok_hand::+1: Reboot occasionally.

In addition, with one year Wyze warranty, if $17 to $36 dollar cameras last or even longer is better, I’m still liking them. Practically disposable compared to $189 also fininky limited functionality cameras.