MY thoughts, missing features ,using sirens,detection et simili

I am new here have been using Wyze cams for a couple of weeks and i’ve been lurking the forums for a couple of months , i’m from Italy and i had to purchase my wyze products through

I like the ease of use, the minimalist but essential approach to the hardware , i love the setup process it’s so easy and clear. I also like the company policy of transparency, Wyze reminds me of Cockos the creators of Reaper.

I’m an electrician and buy and install on a regular basis cam systems and all etc. so my thought are professional and that of a day to day user, i have them installed at home too.
Things that i think need to be implemented are simple but effective and should open doors to other possibilities. Wyze should be able to trigger a prerecorded audio clip of a siren, why is it so hard to implement that when you have 2 way audio? If you have a system with many cams beleive me at night when there is silence even 2 cams that play a siren can be loud!! come on even Alfred has this feature!! easy Integration with stuff like ewelink and sonoff , that would be a killer believe me !!
Nxt thing, i don’t believe in just battery powered cams , the future is mains powered cams with a back solution just in case electricity is cut out or fails. In most scenarios even 1 hour of power back up is enough !!
About the motion detection section, add a simple feature like threshold level for detection, it would help , IE less than 2 seconds don’t trigger anything, or minimum 2 dectection triggers spaced by 3 seconds between the event and more than 3 secs long per event trigger an alarm, set the siren on.

simple stuff will always win !!

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Two WYZE vacuum robots do not work on my new 5g network (Google Fiber). Consequently, the vacuums are useless under the existing WYZE software program. I recommend the engineers design a software program that allows 5g networks to connect to the vacuums. Two vacuums are costly, especially when they can’t be used. Being disabled makes it difficult to go back to another vacuum.