Brainstorming home monitoring

Ok, I’m new and know little about Wyze. I’ve got a boatload of Simplisafe. Don’t even have any yet, but Prime Days are coming up.

Same problems as any wireless outdoor wireless camera alarm system. Way more money invested. With Wyze I could buy about 5 or more cameras to SS one. V3 or OG. Outdoors Wyze are a little more, still about 3 Wyze to 1 though.

What I’m thinking. Rather than have Wyze cameras all over inside my house looking at me, I’d rather have a new sensor, but picking up sounds like the cameras I think do.

What I’m thinking I’m going to do either with cameras or a sensor that picks up sounds.

I’m going to dump Simplisafe monitoring and gradually, over time, replace SS. Self monitoring.

If my SS base siren goes off, I want Wyze to hear it and with their home monitoring, and cam plus for more cameras. I think both are about $200 annually and send help eventually. Or call me or text me to check in on an alarm etc.

So a sensor that detects siren sounds and other sounds as well as cameras that I think currently can hear some sounds and if I read right is in Beta for more sounds? Conventional smoke alarm sounds, etc etc.

If you get my gist, that would allow me to keep what I’ve invested in and add Wyze home monitoring for less money overall.

Am I crazy?:thinking::wink::joy::see_no_evil:

I use Wyze regular v3 cameras on Cam Plus Lite looking out through double pane glass and am very happy with the results. Check out the pictures on this thread to see if this might work for you.

You may run into some issues with using Wyze gear for this plan.

Wyze does not make a stand alone sound sensor.

The Wyze cams do listen for “sound”, however they are limited in what they listen for and how they respond.

Wyze cams will listen for the distinct sound signature of a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm. When triggered, they will send a push notification to your phone.

The cams are able to be integrated into the Wyze HMS security system, however it is limited to 5 cams and a triggered sound from a smoke\CO alarm will still only result in a push notification. It will not trigger an alarm response with centralized monitoring or a police\fire response. So, there is no real benefit to integrating the cams into the HMS for this purpose since they already possess that onboard capability outside of the HMS.

Wyze cams will listen also for any sound event and upload a 12 second video to the cloud. This will also result in a push notification to the phone. However, cams that are not assigned to Cam Plus will be subject to a 5 minute lockout cooldown.

The Wyze HMS does not allow for self monitoring. Without a subscription, all monitoring and alarm features are inaccessible.

Cannot happen. There is no HMS professional monitoring for sound activated events. HMS monitored events are triggered only by contact and motion sensors or Environmental Monitoring by leak sensors and climate sensors.

Cam Protect uses cams for professional monitoring. I am not familiar with its capabilities. Someone else who has used it may be able to comment on its capabilities.


All good information. Thanks again! I’m not certain with delays that are built into my current monitoring or any, whether it’s really needed anyhow, other than clean up after the fact. In an immediate break in, I am the first responder anyhow. For Wyze home $99 or whatever, it would add alerts for me to check the cams if we’re away in case of fire.:thinking:

And any push I receive I can set off sirens on my phone or exterior sirens, my current base will sound an alarm siren to wake us up. I’m in the boondocks anyhow. Best response would be 5 minutes at best, after monitoring text, calls to check if it’s a false alarm etc. Pondering.