New to wyze and am wondering if you can help out

Hello everyone. I am new to wyze and am wondering if you can help out . I currently have comcast but would like to have more cam set up and alarm ssytem for house . Can you guys give me some feed back on how you like or dis like it. Tia

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Hey, the Wyze Home Monitoring System is a perfect alarm system with door sensors and motion sensors. Alternatively, you can try Cam Plus Pro, which is professionally monitored cameras with facial recognition. Note both systems cannot be active at once on the same account.

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Welcome to the community @nicko8121

I really like the Cameras and am more partial to the Cam V3 (can be used outdoors as well). The Outdoor cam (Battery) is nice, but if you get this, you should also get the Solar Panel and realize it is not continuous streaming or event recording because it is battery.

I really like the Video Doorbell Pro as well. When wired it loads fast. Both Doorbells can leverage Voice Over IP for calls when someone presses the doorbell.

I have the Home Monitoring System (HMS), Other than a bad Firmware in the past, I have not had any major issues with it. I primarily got it for the new Hub and sensors. This system does cover larger distances. If you are willing to put Cameras in you house, then you could use Cam Plus Pro on a v3 camera for security as well. If a person or some issue is seen, it will reach out to the monitoring service as well, who can review the camera feed as well.

In general, if you are looking at doing this, I would start with simple steps first. Get a few cameras and play with them to see how you like them. Then expand more into the areas you would like to go.

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