Suggestion - Add a new forum group for feature suggestions

The forums are growing at a great pace - might be a good idea to add a main forum area for feature requests / ideas. I can see how multiple similar feature requests will start to pop up, but at least they’ll all be in one place. Thoughts?

Sounds like the case! We’ll do a quick evaluation on whether to start a new forum on that and move the feature requests / feedback under it. Thanks!


Love Wyze An audible alarm would be great on that plugs in to the wall it definitely can be done for under 10$ . Let me know an I will forward preexisting screamers I can send a link to
audible alarm

I’m looking forward to a Wyze switch that works like a Wyze Plug and if or when it may be coming let me ASAP I know I want at least two right now maybe even more

Would be nice to shape out the motion detection zone of any shape instead of a box shape