HELP Please!

I am planning to improve my security alarm system. My Security Alarm system consist of 2 WYZE cam pan, and a WiFi switch that connect to my outdoor Siren. I rely on the motion sensing to detect any intruders. It is great to have all the notification in my cell phone from the WYZE cam pan, but what if I am working in an area that I do not receive any wireless signal. That’s why I need to figure out how can I get the WYZE cam pan to activate the WiFi switch whenever there is a motion detection. Can anyone kindly share their wisdom to help me to set up a better security system to guard my house please? We are living in a bad neighborhood. I appreciate for any advice. Thanks!

If that is the case and you cannot move get a large fierce dog or two.
I use Wyze cams to monitor for deliveries, did the postman come? Is that the UPS truck?
Unless your term “bad neighborhood” is a lot different than mine I wouldn’t want to trust a $30 camera for my safety.
But if you insist on a minimalist security approach the new Wyze Sense -

may be a good product.

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I would say youre out of luck for something that can alarm you to someone at your home without cell signal. Thats the only way your phone has contact with the outside world is with the cellular network. Without it is just a simple computer. There is nothing on the market that I am aware of that can send you a signal to look at something without a wifi signal or cellular network.

As far as activating the switch to make the alarm sound I wouldnt do that with the wyze cam. The reason being is there are some false alerts for birds and such. Then you have an alarm going on at your house and a siren going off for a bird. Now this could be good and bad. I personally wouldnt have a siren on the house at all as it pisses off neighbors and such for alarms in the middle of the night and such. I just wouldnt have it.

Note get good renters/home owners insurance. Have the cameras for video evidence. And then worry a bit less. You cant prevent things from happening. You can deter but thats it. Criminals will still find a way.

Oh you could get an interior security system that does a silent alarm when you arent home.

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I agree, get a dog. alternatively get geese as I know someone with a large rural place and they are so loud when anything happens :). They won’t protect you but will alert you.