Advice needed: Complete home setup with wyze cams and d-link siren

Hi all,

I apologise in advance for the fact that this is all new to me. I have read through multiple discussions on the forum and was hoping to take advantage of the fantastic knowledgeable team of people here.

After a recent spate of home breakins in our area we have decided to monitor / protect our property. We are only interested in monitoring indoors (not outdoors). We think that we want to purchase approximately 5 wyze cams to place in various rooms of the house, and we will actually place the wires through walls to hide them. We also want to purchase a D-link siren, and IFTTT it so that if motion is detected, the siren will sound.

I have a few questions:

  1. We are a 2 adult / 2 phone household. We need to be able to easily tell all camears to start push notifications on/off when one of us arrives home. I have read a lot about people writing IFTTT applets so that when their mobile phone drops in or out of the home wi-fi, push notifications are automatically turned on/off. Is it possible to create an applet so that push notifications only come on if both of our mobile phones have dropped off the home wi-fi (in other words neither of us is home), and notifications go off if either of our phones are currently in range of the home wifi?

  2. Is it quick / easy to turn on/ off notifications for all cameras (we will probably have about 5) in one go using your phone, or do they have to be done separately. I ask because I want to create an IFTTT so that, if a notification is received, the siren will sound. Therefore I am trying to work out the easiest way to ensure that when we enter our home, the siren doesn’t sound without it becoming too complicated.

  3. I have read a bit about ‘cool downs’ and possible 15 minute delays with IFTTT. Is anybody else running a system similar to this? We both work, so ideally I want a system where, if somebody does break in, the motion is detected on the wyze cam, the cam sends us a push notification on our phones and hopefully email also, this triggers the d-link siren through an IFTTT to scare away a burglar. When one of us leaves home, all of this activation begins, when one of us returns home, all of this activation stops.

Is it as easy as that, or is it a bit more complicated? I am curious as to whether it is likely to run smoothly, or whether ‘cool downs’ and delays are likely to create problems for us.

I would really appreciate any advice, past experiences and general wisdom!
With thanks,

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I have not done a setup like this. I think it’s feasible if not 100% totally reliable.

For multi phone geofencing, you would want to combine with the Life360 app. A search for “life360” here will find more info.

Yes, IFTTT can take up to 15 minute to activate a shortcut. In practice though, I think people rarely experience that long of a delay. A search for “siren” here should find a bunch of discussion on this.

Using IFTTT, you have to have one applet for each camera.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you, I appreciate that. If I have to have one applet per camera, does that mean that if motion is detected on one camera and the D-link siren is activated by this, if a different camera were to then detect motion (and it also had an applet to activate the siren) it would cause problems?
Thanks again.

Sorry, I don’t know. It would trigger the siren twice. How the siren reacts to that would depend on the siren and its integration with IFTTT. Also, I’m not sure how you would going about getting the siren to turn off unless it has an automatic timeout.