Update Remotely

Hi All,
I’m new to Wyze community and I just bought a couple of Wyze Cam Pans for my mother’s house in a different country. She’s an elderly with very limited knowledge of technology. I have a few questions:

  1. After the cameras are set up, does someone need to be next to the cams when updating to a new firmware/software or I can do it remotely through the Wyze App?
  2. In general, how often close proximity to the device is necessary for updates or reconnections?
  3. How can I push siren noise from miles apart if I get a notification for an intruder? I’ve read some comments about IFTTT but don’t really understand what products I should buy to make the siren noise going.

Are you going to visit your mother to set these up? Typically you set these up where the network is, because the camera will need to link to the network to complete setup. You can probably get around that if you set up an identical network in your house (same SSID/password).

You can update firmware remotely, but sometimes there is a glitch that requires you to repower the camera. I suppose she could do that for you. Worst case is if you have to reflash manually. That requires someone putting the firmware on a SD card and inserting that in the camera before powering it on.

Maybe some one else can take the siren question. You definitely should manually push it though, as it would be constantly screaming at your mother whenever she moves, lol. Maybe you should just give her a siren with a remote control to use as a panic button.

Thank you @newshound for your response. I’m visiting her and will be setting up the cameras for her.
I guess we have the option of not upgrading to the new firmware to avoid issues, right?
Do I need to buy the Wyze lab SD card or any card will do?

Any 32 GB card should do. I’ve got 3 vendors including Wyze. I mostly buy Wyze for convenience. If you go larger than that you may find an occasional one that requires special handling, but people report most of them work fine too. If you get a choice, buy endurance versions.