Quality of cameras and reporting

My cameras constantly notify me for nothing! They sing if there is dust and tell me that they have identified a vehicle in my driveway!
I am very disappointed with this product. It gives a poor picture and continuously asks me to purchase more product when what I have is so poor!

My doorbell doesn’t pick up anything . It’s useless

I agree. I have many wyze cams old and new and at first they were pretty good so I invested in many cams but the person motion detection went downhill. Glare from a low sitting street light knocks out vision just glare now so it is useless on my porch as before the light did not phase the cam. it was clear. Actually the light just made it even better as you voulf see better. Cannot see anything now so i chsbged from the wyze 2 to the wyze 3. Same issue. Tried tilting it and still yet same issue. Before lets say 2 years ago approximately, The same cam had a closer view so you could clearly see a person within certain distance. Now it seems to have zoomed it further away even though the cam is in the same spot, it is only maybe 4-5 feet from the door. i cannot tell who is on my porch now or door. I rarely get a vehicle notification mostly says just motion. Person is motion as well. I paid annually so i should be notified correctly but sonetimes i do not get notifications at all. The kicker and last straw has been that i have not had sound on any of my cameras for months, all of 2024. i have almost every type of cam and the sound is missing on all my devices, on events, live viewing and when viewing back. i have 3 different android devices, all up to date, app up to date and cams up to date so it is not on my end. I submitted tickets on each camera and the software with NO response at all x 3 throughout the year. I am so done with Wyze. It worked pretty well with Wyze 2’s, the software etc. The camera features have improved but mostly glitches within the app making it useless. I would never buy a cam without sound. I am so upset i am spitting fire overvthis sound issue. So here i am $$$$ wasted dollars later looking for a whole new systen so i can dump Wyze. They are so unreliable now usekess junk now. 3 years ago they were great. Software worked pretty well. But I would not buy a Wyze cam or device today,