Wyze cam outdoor misses car theft right in front of it

Well, once again Wyze fails to do its job. This camera has plus every recording box is checked. There is a micro sd that is recognized and an sd in the base. This car theft happened at 11 pm I pull the camera for the police and the camera recorded all day yesterday then stops recording at 10pm and records nothing until the sun comes up today.
I guess these are just the idea of a security camera. These cameras have never recorded a single active event that I needed footage for. What’s the point Wyze? Too busy making night lights to do something about your awfully useless product. I have 9 cameras and if the can’t do their job then. Give me my money back and I’ll buy cameras I can rely on because your product since I started in the beginning have sucked.
No recording on the website none on the camera in the app or on either sd card.
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The WCO will not backup to the SD in the base because you are using Cam Plus- not compatible.
The WCO will not record to the SD in the camera unless you have it set for Scheduled event recording.
No recording after 10:00 Pm I have no idea. How far away was the car?
This is recording to the SD card in a WCO.

So exactly what can I expect an outdoor security camera to record planned car thefts? I have it set to record anything is people cars and whatever other options are available. So what’s the point ???
Wyze has us buy sd cards then doesn’t record any useful events. And by the way this isn’t my first rodeo.
I guess I have to put a person on top of the house to turn on the cameras when they should capture a CAR THEFT.
What is the point of this security product if it won’t record anything?
Don’t bother answering I’ll be sending Wyze their 8 useless cameras to toss in their dumpster
The product is garbage

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Perhaps you are using the wrong tool for the job. The WCO is a glorified Trail Cam that is PIR Activated. You can dance around in front of the cam at a distance and unless you have properly set up the PIR sensor for maximum sensitivity and the IR signature is within that range, it isn’t going to do anything. No heat signature within range, no activation.

The wired cams, however, are on duty 24\7 and at 100% sensitivity will upload motion events for movement far beyond the capabilities of any PIR sensor on the market. They also record to the SD 24\7 without the need to setup scheduled recordings. The right tool for a security cam job.

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I completely agree with SlabSlayer - wrong camera for the job. Personal opinion here - you could not give me a WCO. A powered camera is a FAR better camera for the task.

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No set the cam to record to the SD in the cam, set it for 30 days 23 hours and 59 min. Motion only, no cooldown period and max duration of each event video to the Max of 5 min each. Cam will record as long as there is motion up to 5 min. then start another video if longer than 5 min. Camera does not detect through glass windows…
See Scheduled event recording:

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You posted the settings for this cam in another thread topic.

As @Antonius has pointed out over there, setting the cam for a 5m cooldown between recorded events will leave 5 minute dead air time in your recording history. Cars are stolen in well under a minute. If the cam gets activated, records a 15, 20, or 30s clip and then stops. There are now 4½ minutes of dead air. That is a user setting security gap, not a cam deficiency.

Which camera are you talking about? No Wyze camera that I have hard wired does what you suggest of course since Wyze is puking out products at record speed I can’t speak to the current product line. I stopped buying from these people an outdoor because nothing I’ve bought from them works to spec.

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Whatever man it didn’t record at all not one second

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Every cam I own can do that: V3, V3Pro, PanV1, PanV3, OG Standard, OG Telephoto, Floodlight Pro, and others I don’t own. I currently have 25 Cam Plus cams in use on an overlapping security perimiter recording 24\7 and experience near 100% uptime because I have built my network to support them and have individually tuned each cam.

The key to operating them effectively is knowing how to employ and tune them. They are not point and shoot solutions. They are far more complicated and every cam must be tuned to its individual application on a WiFi network that will support them effectively 100% of the time.

I’m hijacking this post - in hopes of getting an answer to the issue you mentioned in your comment, @SlabSlayer. I misunderstood this camera (WCO Original) when I bought it, and have been disappointed at the small/close range that actually can trigger recording.

But I love that I can hook this camera up to the solar panel (from Wyze) and not have to worry about battery life. Are there any Wyze cams that don’t have the PIR detection range/direction limitation but CAN be powered via the solar panel, that you’re aware of? Thanks…

Have you tried a Wyze v3 camera which uses Pixel Change detection and not PIR? V3 cameras don’t work with solar but I have had good results aiming from the inside looking out through double pane windows.

No. The Solar Panel is only to recharge the batteries on the WCO. That is why it uses the PIR. It is a very low power draw while the cam is napping.

All the other cams activate by cam image pixelation which requires the cam to be awake and operating 24\7. They do not have batteries for the Solar Panel to charge and it does not have the capability to provide the current required for continuous operation.

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I have 3 WCO’s. I have put solar panels on 2 and both worked great…for a time. They do keep the battery charged, however after several months, water has penetrated through the connection point of both cameras and one completely burned up the power board and died and the other will not charge fully.
I suggest sealing the connector with a bead of silicone to try and keep the connection tight and dry. My last working WCO non solar, requires charging every 2 weeks now as opposed to every 2-3 months previously. Yes, the PIR is finnicky. I usually end up with the backside of an object, pet, or person moving out of frame before the recording starts. Night recordings are usually a second of IR video that turns black for the duration of the 12-17 second clip, so it’s useless. It is great to be able to log into a relatively remote location just to see though.

I have not yet tried a “regular” v3 camera. When I first got the WCO, I tried it inside the window (with a screen, which needs to remain on the window), and it sucked. Couldn’t see squat.


:rofl: That’s because the camera can not detect anything through a glass window. Put the camera outdoors where it belongs.

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@Antonius - my comment was in direct response to a suggestion in this thread that cameras can be used “…inside looking out through double pane windows.” And I wasn’t talking about detection. I said I couldn’t see anything. Thanks for being so helpful, though.