Really Confused with these Cameras

Hello Forum:

Seems Wyze or my set up is reverting to: “what ever happens is what you get”.

Currently, I have a Wyze Camera V3 for my backyard.

Added a Wyze Camera V3 Pro to my front yard.

The signal strength of the cameras to the my router is very good.

5 bars out of 5 bars.

So, there I am in another city on business. Could I check my cameras to see if anything is going on.

Nope. At any time of the day I could connect with out any problems or “Not”. Please recycle the camera by fresh start the wyze app or power off the camera to restart. Unplugging the camera was not an option.

I can access the recorded events but no live camera. Then…live camera is back. on one of them. Then on both of them, then on none of them. When I am at home there is no problem. Just when I’m away.

No lets talk about the Pro v3 camera. It’s motion detection is really a hit and miss. It is really bad. Can’t even finish recording an event while it’s happening.

I have had vehicles and or people exiting my lane way to the front door but don see then arriving. Or, the vehicle that is in my lane way just disappears.

It won’t record me walking up to my front door but will record a passing truck on the street.

I have adjusted and readjusted my settings and I rather get everything recording including shadows or I get nothing. I have had a bear cross in front of the camera yet won’t record me walking that same area. Really is a hit and miss.

My MDS is set to 60 with the section zone set to on.

Just yesterday my Son was washing his car in the lane way. Didn’t record him arriving and didn’t record him leaving.

Recorded my neighbour approaching the front door from the street but didn’t record him leaving.

I have changed settings so many times that I am at a loss as to how to fix the situation Really hit and miss.

Any suggestions???



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The Wi-Fi on your router means little, Check the signal at the camera. I have a V3 Pro looking at my driveway, and it has been there since November 2022. I have it set at 100 sensitivity, continuous recording to a 256GB Samsung High Endurance SD card and it doesn’t not miss anything.
I can access the cam from home or 200 miles away with my Phone using cell data. I am also using cam plus.

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Do you have Cam Plus, Cam Plus Lite or no Wyze subscription?

Also, are you using SD cards in your cameras?

If you have Cam Plus Lite, there is a 5 minute cool down between Cloud video recordings, which might explain some Events not being recorded.

Cam Plus Lite is not compatible with the V3Pro, only the V3. If it isn’t assigned to a Cam Plus subscription, it is definitely getting a 5 minute cooldown.

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On the V3Pro, we need to know if it is subscribed to Cam Plus, and what your Event Recording settings are.

The offline status when trying to access remotely is a local network issue that can only be solved by improving cam signal strength and reducing traffic on the network. You may need to tune your router to stop QOS protocols that will deprioritize your cams.

I am having the same issues as well but I have the version 1 and 2 cameras. The events almost always record me but not everyone else. In fact, it never seems to record the one housemate and it hit or misses another house mate and it seems to record my son regularly. It will show people coming but not leaving. If someone is in the kitchen more than 12 minutes and they leave, the other cameras should pop on. Not all the cameras are showing coming and going. Once camera seems to miss almost all the comings and goings, but they are clearly directed into the path of door traffic. I have the cameras set at high motion and sound and it still doesn’t get everyone or everything. It’s very frustrating. Also, some playback memory have glitches where a person just poooof vanishes as they walk LOL I have angels here I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello SlabSlayer:

Yes, both of my cameras ( Cam V3 and V3 Pro ) are on Cam Plus and Event Recordings are set to
Record Motion Events / Smart Detection Events set to “On”.

Advance settings:
Record to MicroSD Card: On Events Only
Night Vision Mode: Auto
Night Vision Conditions: Dusk

Device Info: Signal Strength: 3 bars

MDS: 70%
Detection Zone: On

So, there I am in another city on business. Could I check my cameras to see if anything is going on.
Nope. At any time of the day I could connect with out any problems or “Not”. Please recycle the camera by fresh start the wyze app or power off the camera to restart. Unplugging the camera was not an option.

Network traffic on my router is pretty much Zero. Cameras only.
However, how would I go about tuning my router to stop QOS protocols?

Looking forward to your response.


Which Smart Detection Events?

By the looks of your detection zone, if you have Vehicle Detection enabled within your Smart Detection AI Events, you may be getting a high degree of vehicle detections from motion activations elsewhere in the FOV: birds, bugs, leaves, branches, sunbeams, etc. Or, at a minimum, a high number of motion activations from the blocks marked below due to motion on the street.

The DZ employs overlap technology. If any part of an object is within the included DZ, the entire object is considered for tagging. Therefore, in your DZ, if there is motion within any of the included blocks, or anywhere else in the Active DZ, you will get a Vehicle Detected tag from the 4 vehicles identified below, regardless of what or where the motion was that triggered the motion event.

You would have to look on the manufacturers website for the make and model of your router, get the Owners Manual, access the router’s Admin settings, and change the settings following the instructions in the Manual. Each brand has a different UI.

If you are frequently away from home I recommend you plug your cameras into a smart plug brand of your choice. I have all my plug in cams connected to KASA Smart plugs and one in a WYZE plug. I can power cycle from any place as long as my power and Wi-Fi are on at home.

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Another thing that I just noticed about your screenshot above. You are shooting this thru glass at an angle. That will severely reduce the effectiveness of your cam due to the reflections that are caused in the FOV. Depending on the lighting for the time of day, those will change and move which can interfere with the image the cam is recording. The cam and the server can’t filter those out.

For a cam to be effective behind glass, it needs to be flat against the glass with a dark non reflective background behind it or inside a shade mount.

The best option is to mount the cam outside.

No confusion here buy actual security cameras because all of Wyze cameras are garbage

It’s settings

Those settings are for a Wyze Cam Outdoor. This topic is for Wyze Cam V3 and V3Pro as the topic tags indicate.

Completely different tool for a completely different job and use application. It is PIR Activated not Motion Activated and has a highly limited recording capability due to Battery Conservation logic.

Perhaps post those over in the other thread you created for the Wyze Cam Outdoor.

This will slow down recordings.

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So…If you check the camera menu options outdoor does not exist. So ignore it

Hello SlabSlayer:

Your information is great.

You are correct. I am shooting through a window. I do realize that the camera would work better however,
getting power to the camera is a problem. No exterior plugs in available.

My Smart Detections is set to on. With Object Detections set to Person and Pets.

I have adjusted my section map and increased sensitivity to 70% and that has improved pick ups of people. Much improved.

When I get event recordings they indicate Motion and Person. Here’s my confusion.
My son’s car appears in my lane way parked however, I do not see him drive in, nor do I see him drive out. Would this not be considered a Motion Event? Motion Tagging is set to: On.

Looking forward to your response.



Motion Tagging is just the green box that the cam overlays onto the video prior to upload.

Since you do not have Vehicle Detections selected, you won’t see a Vehicle tag.

They should be uploaded and saved as “motion” events provided you have the upload settings set for “All Motion Events”. If you have it set for Smart Detection Event", as noted in the screenshot, Only the Person and Pet tagged events will be saved in the cloud and listed in your Events tab. To see all motion events saved to the Events Tab, it must be selected.

You may also not be seeing the Motion events if you have filters set in your Events tab that hides motion Events. Click the funnel icon in the top right of the Events tab and click Clear All to check.