V3 Didn't Record Event

Every time I think Wyze product can’t get any worse, they do. So today one of my V3 cameras completely missed an even recording, which is should have easily seen. It was night time the camera with with the detection zone off and to record all motion events. It didn’t see a vehicle turn on its lights and drive away. It’s always been able to see any changes in the frame when a light is turned on or off. And certainly should have caught the movement of the vehicle, which could be easily seen by the street lights. It doesn’t seem to have any problems detecting critters walking around at night.

Look, I know for the price point we can’t expect them to be perfect but they do advertise them as if they work flawlessly. Rant off.

Same sentiment here. About 2-3 weeks ago I noticed the cam started missing large chunks of time, which should have been impossible. Sensitivity set high, supposed to record any movement seen all day. Traffic going by regularly, the cam catching nothing for 2-3 hour gaps. Not great, as I live in a neighborhood where suspicious things happen regularly and I’ve been asked before to check footage for theft of a neighbor’s property.

Used the reset services button, images still not being captured. Had to reboot the camera. I eventually had to create a rule that rebooted the camera at least once a day. Now I’m looking at having to reboot the camera every hour. If there was a notification that let me know the recordings had stopped I could take action sooner but since there’s no such notification… It’s maddening. I don’t know what happened at wyze but I wish it hadn’t.