No events over night - support?

So here’s a good one. I have like 5-6 wyze cameras, been using them for years.
Last night (so Sept 28 → Sept 29) the cameras all stopped recording at 6pm. No detections, events, nothing. They all magically resumed operation at 7am today.
This is a problem that I hope doesnt recur. was there an outage on cloud? seems very strange.

To make matters worse, there was a massive “Attack” in my suburb of car break ins after midnight, and mine was hit. 5 cameras, cam+ memberships, etc… and not a single frame of evidence. I feel like smashing them to little pieces.

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I cant explain the outage, but when you say they stopped recording, do you mean stopped recording to the cloud? and/or local (SD card) storage? Do you have SD cards in the cameras? If not, i’d highly recommend using them in the cameras.


What @Omgitstony said. Get some good high endurance SD cards, flavor of your choice. I like these, they last about 11 days continuous recording in HD before rewrite on my V3 cams.


its a good idea… i used to have cards in all my V2s, but with cam+, and the subscription, I figured it wasnt needed… WRONG! perhaps one is better off with good SD cards like this and to heck with cam+.
frustrating but thx for the lead on the high quality cards.

I use Cam Plus on the three V3 cams and cam plus Lite ($0.00) on the 4 WCO I have. All the cams have SD cards. the V3 cams have 128GB cards and the WCO have 32GB cards set to scheduled event recording. I would at least use cam plus lite and an SD card recording continuous as a minimum.

yes, I agree with you… i think i got a bit optimistic when the cloud stuff came out and got away from SD… I have 3 V3s with cloud only… ordered some of those premium sanmsung cards you just highlighted off amazon… that thief who robbed my car hit at least 50 vehicles in the one night. he has not been caught. thankfully I didnt lose anything of value… just scratching my head with the wyze setup that totally failed me in the time of greatest need.

I’d say it’s best to know the functions and features of both and easier if you want to run both, only one, or neither. Know the features and functions and apply them to your use case and “wants”, then enable what you want.

I use the SD cards in everything because I like the ability to roll back at anytime to need to find something of importance, or something dumb I did (happens alot). Some lower priority cams are only events only to card, but most are set to continuous (v2s and V3s). Some have 32 gig cards, more important ones have 64 gig cards.

Now on top of that, the cameras I want to have notifications from, I have the cloud recording enabled. I only have that for a few of my cameras.

If your wants are cloud event recordings for anything and everything, then you’ll have a different setup than me.

Yea, the cloud event recording with cam plus works pretty great at capturing events, and its nice to be able to scroll through and filter the events tab, but I have a 128 or 64 gb sd cars in all my important cams as a backup incase events miss something. Another benefit is the sd card will continue to record even it the internet goes down, it just needs internet at startup and to view the footage.