No events recorded overnight

Last night someone egged our car in our driveway, we have a Wyze outdoor cam v2 that points right to our driveway and car. After looking through the events there was nothing captured. I realized that there was actually no footage at all between the hrs of 7pm and 7am which is really odd. I have searched all my settings and cannot for the life of me figure out why it wouldn’t have recorded. Can anyone help me figure this out? This is the exact reason we have a camera facing our car so we can see if anyone messes with it.

-We also have cam plus if that helps.

I have had this happen before as well, I’m not sure why that happens. If anyone else has ideas I’m watching this thread.

Welcome to the forums! The eggs I am guessing weren’t enough to trigger the camera to start a motion recording. Do you have any filters enabled in the event tab? Make sure you remove all filters so that all events are shown. Able to post a screenshot of the camera view so that the group here could offer possible enhancements? What are all your settings for the camera?

Do you have a power source anywhere near your camera location? It might be wise to have a camera mounted that has a continuous recording function, but that would need a continuous power source at the camera location.

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Omgitstony could be right. But I would think the cam could pick that kind of thing up, unless your sensitivity is set too low?
The other day 2 of my cams stopped recording anything at all, even though I have cam plus and a card in each cam. They only started working again after I pulled the cards out and pushed them back in again.