Scheduled records but no events

It makes 0 sense. Hoping someone here can help.
I bought cam plus.
Since buying and adding cam plus to 4 cameras. The cameras events capture less. Scheduled recordings record to the sd card so there should be events.

I’ve turned off cam plus on them because it’s missing things. I’ve even moved the cameras to make more of the area blue to make sure. I’m talking people walking right by the camera and or cars pulling in people getting out walking by 2 cameras and neither are capturing any events but they are going to the card. Anyone have any ideas? I’ve messaged and submitted tickets but it doesn’t make sense.

These are version 1 I believe. I think they came out with 2 shortly after.

I went from capturing at least about 2-3 videos of cars at night just driving by to waking up to 0 videos. No foxes ,no cats no squirrels on my back cameras which used to have a few a day. I was working out back yesterday not a single video on them and they don’t capture much besides the animals out back. It just doesn’t make sense.

They do randomly capture someone or something as I’ve purposely set them off so I do know they can do it.

I have 4 WYZE Outdoor cams on scheduled recording to the SD in the cams. All 4 have been on Cam Plus Lite for about two weeks and I still get numerous cloud events and notifications. All recording are on the SD cards also. Another person posted about the same issue you are having, they also recently added the full version of cam plus to their cams. Mine are doing ok on CP lite. Link to other post here:


Yea mine did fine on the light but when I bought it boom no videos. It shouldn’t matter it’s should just allow longer recording. This is insane.

I had wondered ok maybe 2 videos can’t record at the same time but they could do that before cam plus. No reason why if scheduled is recording and it records without cam plus that it wouldn’t record with cam plus.