V3 does not alert or record

I installed my third V3 yesterday and set it up to use the 14 day plus that comes with it. It also is set up to trigger motion, sound, AI events and anything else that I could check.

There were events directly in front of this camera last night ( a vehicle within 3 feet) and there was no alert and no event. The other camera from the opposite side pointed at this same target did send an event and an alert but nothing from the V3
I did not have time to install a new SD card as I was on my way out the door for an appt. I was depending on the Plus to record but it did not


i’m having the same issue. did you find a fix?

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no, after about a wee3k, it started working, may have been an update but I am puzzled



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Yep mine doing the same thing. My blink cameras got them no problem. Just limited video recording on them. So I bought the wyze cam v3

Motion detection on the wyze cameras is very hit and miss. It will completely fail to record cars in my driveway, just today someone walked out my front door, stood at my front door whilst talking to another person and collected some packages and walked back in and all the event caught was the door closing. It is pretty shocking

Which WYZE cameras do you have? I have 4 WCO and one V3 and they record motion events all day everyday. So much so I started turning event recording off during the day when I am home. The V3 records any slight light change, or small movement of a tree branch even with then sensitivity turned way down. I don’t think the detection zone works on any of them but the PIR on the WCO seems to work correctly.

I have the v3 and it is using a zone. It is outside and it misses a lot. I had v2 in the same spot before the v3 and it worked a lot better.

Failed to record where? Local storage/cloud? What do you have the camera set up to do? What are it’s settings? If you were expecting this event to be recorded in the cloud, are you using camplus or the free cloud storage? How many other events a day do you get? When was the most recent event before this one?

A LOT of questions there! The camera is set to record events (not the plus service) and the camera records events occasionally through the day looking at a doorway. Last recording before this one was hours before so it’s not one event running into another. I work in software, trust me it’s a failure on the Cameras part and not mine. The camera in my driveway is set to 100% sensitivity and it missed CARS or catches the car but not the people walking up to the car, getting in it etc

Just this morning someone from my place goes out the door and the event is recorded, comes back in 30 mins later and no event. Totally unreliable.